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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

   random phrase of the day
hey guys, guess what time it is....?? IT'S RANDOM PHRASE TIME!!! [and no, this is not the phrase]
here it is...

IT'S COMING!!!!!!!!!

ok, on this website--subliminalmessages.com there are cool eye illusions and things. after a lot of pages [and if you get on this site which i recommend, be patient, there are some cool things on the page] there will be a picture of a kitchen with instructions at the top that go a little something like this, "Look at the picture and try to find a hidden picture/message. It will take about 3 to 4 minutes for your eyes to adjust."
well, the eyes adjusting part I KNOW is right, so make sure to look for that. anyway, my friend christina and i were really excited about it so that's why we were shreiking with joy. if any of you can go on and see this one, can you please tell me what you see? i was told you see a face, but i could not see it. please pm and tell me what u see


ps, trust me, you will laugh about this later..

a lot later....

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