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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Weekend
Hey, everybody
How was your weekend?
Good, I hope : )

My weekend was awesome.
Last Friday, my family, my mom�s friends, and I went out for a dinner in a Thai restaurant.
It was okay, kind of boring actually : (

Then I went to a birthday party on Saturday.
That was fun :D
We made a lot of funny & cute buttons.
(If you want to, I can show you the ones that I made in the next post)

On Sunday, I hung out with a friend and she let me do her hair.
I looove doing people�s hair XD lol

As for the new manga, right now, I�m writing the chapter 1 script as well as layering pages.
But I won�t be doing that for a couple of weeks because I have exams to study for.
(My exams are next week > . ~ )

That�s all for now.
Have a good week everybody : )
Take care!

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