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Monday, March 26, 2007

Hello, everybody!
How are you been?
I hope you guys have been doing well : )
Sorry that I hadn�t post anything for a while ^ ^�
And as for this post, er, you guys can prepare to punch me for the things I�m going to tell you next > . ~

Recently, I�ve been in love with Taiwanese TV series (Taiwanese dramas in short).
So, I didn�t really have time to do anything else.

Also, I�m writing a story to submit to TOKYOPOP (I�m going to refer to it by TOKYOPOP submit).
And there are a lot of things that they asked for.
So, I�ll be spending my time on that.

Because I�ve been watching a lot of dramas and coming up with a new story for the submission, I came up with a new story that I want to writing about.
First of all, the story for TOKYOPOP submit has a lot of fighting action. Therefore, I want to start a new webcomic so that I could practice drawing actions.
Second of all, I�m tired of people always comparing my artwork with some other manga-kas. So, I�ve come up with my own drawing style that is quite different from my pervious style.
It looks something like this:

Because of those 2 reasons, I want to start a new webcomic soon.
As for The Forgotten Memories, I�ll still continue on with it, but I just don�t know when.

So, that�s it for now.
My cheek is hurting (from your punches) XP lol

Well, then, take care, everybody!

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