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Sunday, May 27, 2007

   27/5 2007
I know I havenīt been updating for a while now but thatīs cause Iīve had so much to do like yesterday when it was my birthday. Yeah It was so much fun! I had invited all my friends,Lindaīs friend Diana,Heidi,Mary and the neighbour girl Sam came too cause we should baby sit her. Well... The first thing we all did was to eat cake. After that we played hide and seek,computer games,Cluedo and then we ate lunch. When we were done with the lunch I opened my presents. I got:Pokemon cards, Charlie and the chocolate factory,a Tokyo Mew Mew manga book,the Eragon book,sweets and earrings. I really liked all of them alot. Um when I was done with the opening of the presents and had said thank you to everyone we went outside for some fresh air and when we came back inside again we watched Charlie and the chocolate factory. It was really fun. But after the movie my friends,Diana ,Heidi and Mary had to go home. So I said good bye and then me and Linda
played games with Sam to keep her away from the computer. But Linda told me that she already had sent some pms. Oh that irritating girl! Guess if Iīm glad that sheīs gone now and that I had much to do yesterday. But today Iīm taking it easy cause itīs time for school again tomorrow.

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