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Thursday, May 24, 2007

   Ya Ha
Sry i havent been on in a while! last week of school!! today we get out early! jsut finals, but im exempt from the two we have today so i dont have to go! muwahahaha!!! i did put a post up explaining why i wasnt on but it got deleted T.T a bug ran acrss the keyboard and i had to kill it...hehe...and i hit something but it deleted my post and didnt have time to re-write it. T.T so sry!! but some of us in art have been asigned to draw a 5-6 page manga/comic over the summer. its gonna take a long time, i need to work about 3 hours a day on it. T.T i have no ideas. it can be over anything, i want to do a comedy but i have no plot ideas lol! hopefully i can come up with something soon ^.^

~I'M Teh Evil Twin~

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