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Timber's myOtaku says goodbye. It hopes you enjoyed it while it was active, but all good things must come to an end.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

The End of an Era
I miss you, myOtaku.

So much more than just you was left behind in the switch to Version Vibrant.

So many memories.

I don't know why I haven't closed you yet. I guess I'm just a hopeless nostalgic.

But you can't move forward if you keep looking backwards.

Well, myOtaku, I have many, many fond memories of you. But they're just that. Memories. Memories of icons, usernames, laughs, smiles, snide remarks... Memories of things that once were.

And memories can only go so far.

I'll still be around. I'm not deleting you. I just won't be posting here anymore. Maybe I'll still drop in periodically, when I want to reminisce.

I leave you, myOtaku, with a quote from Tales of Destiny 2.
"Blood rejects blood, heart breaks heart, miracles aren't coming, dreams don't come true... Here, they can't exist. You resist? Instant miracles won't happen... But time passes, and we unite and rise to meet the future."

So long.

Thanks for the memories.


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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So, VV.


I'm totally lost now. 8D;

Attempting to create a world using the world URL "timber" (ha ha, original, I know). It tells me that URL is already in use.
When I type http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/timber into FireFox's URL bar, I get a "lol a page with this URL does not exist =D" page.
Solution: use "timba" instead. (there's nothing there yet. >>; )

And, submitting a comment to the "report bugs here" news post is taking forever...

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Last Day of MyOtaku
Because I feel like I should say something about it.

Well, myOtaku, looks like you're about to become obsolete, thanks to VV's new blogging system.

But I still love you, since you were my first blog, and the one I've kept alive for the longest length of time.

So, here's to you, myOtaku. May you not die. At least not completely.

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