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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

   I'm grateful for my kitties!
Still on vacation, I am, but I figured I should put up the next episode. Sorry, I'm too lazy to say much other than how much fun I'm having. Even though I'll be home next month, I'll still be on vacation since my friend and I have lots of cosplay shoots planned as well as anime marathons XD I did start a fanfiction.net page to post my story stuffs and updated the facebook fanpage.

YYH Beyond: Episode 23: CONSPIRACY
{Previously: Things may have seemed peaceful, but peace was not to be kept. Looking for his lost wedding ring, Yusuke returned to the Foliage Fortress only to be captured by the former SDF Captain, Ootake. Meanwhile, Kurama answered Koenmaís request for the need of a thief, and was likewise captured by the current SDF Captain, Shunjun. In Demon World, Hiei found another member of the Special Defense Force and took him into custody, but another plan emerged as he and Mukuro were the ones detained.}

[Kuwabara sits back at his desk and ponders.]

Kuwabara: Lets see, Iíll want to put in all my examples of discovering my best friend was a demon, oh and how the love of my life is one, too, and all the nasty things humans did to her. Leading up to how demons like the Toguro brothers use to be human and how humans like Sakyo and Sensui were the real ones causing trouble. That should turn the tables on their ideology.

[Shizuru walks in with some packets.]

Shizuru: Howís the paper coming?

Kuwabara: [irritated] Iím writing it.

Shizuru: Well, thatís good, but are you writing it right? No fragments, no run-ons, all your commas in the right places?

Kuwabara: Checkiní it twice!

Shizuru: You better be! Theyíll flunk you if you use the wrong Ďto.í

Kuwabara: Gosh darn it Shizuru! Why do you keep nagging me?

Shizuru: So you donít slack off, but since youíve been working so hard, how Ďbout a break?

[Kuwabara scoots his chair back.]

Kuwabara: [annoyed] Sis! I gotta get my thesis done! [smiles] But if you insistÖ [chuckles]

[Kuwabara reaches for the phone.]

Shizuru: Good. Take a break to fill these out!

[Shizuru tosses the packets to Kuwabara. They hit his outstretched hand. He tries to catch them with both hands and falls onto the floor. He rises.]

Kuwabara: [screeches] What? I donít have time to fill out paperwork!

Shizuru: [aggressive] Youíll make time because without them, you wonít get into a good internship program!

Kuwabara: But my thesis is due!

Shizuru: And these applications have deadlines!

[Kuwabara grumpily gets back on his chair.]

Kuwabara: [mumbles] Are these really that important?

[Shizuru grabs Kuwabara by the collar.]

Shizuru: Hey! Youíre going to need the experience if you expect to support yourself and your girlfriend and not be a deadbeat working for minimum wage! [releases Kuwabara, calm] The world out there is highly competitive. [hand reaches into pocket to hold Sakyoís lighter] Even when you try your hardest, you donít always get what you want. You need to be prepared so when the time comes, you can live up to your potential.

Kuwabara: [solemn] Okay Shizuru. Iíll do my best.

Shizuru: [shouts] Then stop arguing and get to work!

* * *

[Yusuke is chained up to an Energy Extractor in the room Rose used as the Cloaked Master. The room is now devoid of plants. Ootake observes soldiersí activity out the window while rolling Yusukeís ring around in the palm of his hand.]

Yusuke: You really should talk to your decorator. This place has gone downhill.

Ootake: Joke now, Yusuke, but soon, you and the rest of your kind will be gone.

Yusuke: [resentful] What do you mean?

Ootake: Iím sure you recall this machine you are in from before.

Yusuke: [sarcastic] Hardly recognize it.

Ootake: To refresh your memory, this is an Energy Extractor to suck out all your energy. When we fire your extracted energy from the orb it is stored in, it will disintegrate every demon in its path. Ironic, isnít it; using demon energy to destroy the demons?

Yusuke: Whatís your deal?

Ootake: [confident] Trust me. Itís for the greater good.

* * *

[Kurama is bound with spirit ropes to a chair in the secret spirit records room. Shunjun leans against the table in front of the fire.]

Kurama: So what do you plan to do with me?

Shunjun: That depends. Letís see what we have here.

[Shunjun looks at papers in a file about Kurama.]

Shunjun: [reading] Kurama. Human alias, Suichi Minamono. Background originally unknown. [skimming] Hm, it looks like you did a lot for Koenma in the past. [shuffles through papers] This looks added. Ah, records of a Yoko Kurama. So you use to be a fox bandit. [reads, then clicks tongue] Oh, dear. It looks like youíve already been here before. Policy states to give demons a second chance. Your first offense was sneaking around Spirit World as a spirit fox. Stealing the Forlorn Hope in your human form was your second. Had we known of the former back then, you would have been done away with already. Lucky for you, you proved profitable for Spirit World before this connection to Yoko was madeÖ

[Shunjun tosses the file behind him. It burns in the fire.]

Shunjun: Öbut your luck has run out, as now you will cease to exist.

Kurama: You seem very sure of yourself for dealing with someone wiser.

Shunjun: I am privileged to be dealing with you again, spirit fox.

* * *

[Mukuro is strapped to the table with energy rings. Hiei is bound to the wall in a similar fashion. The SDF Guy struts around them.]

SDF Guy: What a catch. Wait until we get you back to Spirit World.

Hiei: If you live that long.

SDF Guy: Huh? Whatís that?

[The SDF Guy punches Hieiís face. Hiei turns his head, unfazed.]

SDF Guy: Not so sprite now that the tables have turned. How do you like being the one tortured?

[The SDF Guy punches Hieiís stomach with electric shocks surging out. Hieiís eyes widen and he clenches his teeth.]

Mukuro: [dark, interrupting] What do you plan to do with us in Spirit World?

SDF Guy: Well, that is confidential information. But seeing as you wonít remember it for long, I might as well tell you the beautiful grand scheme of things.

Hiei: [grunts] Wonít remember?

SDF Guy: [smug] Not after we alter your memories.

* * *

[Kayko is on the phone with Midori while both of them are trying to put their kids down to sleep.]

Kayko: Hey, Midori, is my husband there? I havenít seen him since he left for work yesterday, and today was his day off.

Midori: No, I havenít, Kayko. And Suichi hasnít come home yet either. Do you think those two are up to something?

Kayko: They must be! Ooo! When will that boy learn to tell me before he goes off on some mission.

Midori: I thought they didnít have those missions anymore.

Kayko: But itís odd that they both disappeared.

Midori: Have you called Kuwabara yet?

Kayko: No. Iíll check his place next. [sigh]

[Brief moment of silence.]

Midori: Tell you what. Keep track of how long theyíre gone. When they get back, weíll leave them with the kids while you and I go have a girls night for twice as long.

Kayko: [chuckles] Thanks.

[Kayko hangs up the phone. Kazuki begins to fuss and Kayko begins to rock him.]

Kayko: There, there. Itís all right, little Kazuki.


[Yusuke glares at Ootake.]

Yusuke: What load of Ďgreater goodí crap are you trying to pull here? In case you forgot, I saved the world from psychic stealers, makai insects, the Toguros, Sakyo, Sensui, and averted an all out war erupting from Demon World. Did I refresh your memory?

Ootake: Another great irony. But you see, the Human World is full of exceptional resources, and demons ruin those resources.

Yusuke: So your Ďgreater goodí is just for you because you are too selfish to share.

Ootake: On the contrary. Humans have tons of energy that goes unused. We have been able to attain the unused energy and put it to maximum use thanks to one of the Gifts to Deity.

Yusuke: Gifts to Deity? What the heck are those?

Ootake: Monuments such as this one that the primitive people of this planet made centuries ago. Selfish creations, really. Their so called gods these were created for would have found little use for them. Like this flying fortress, it was meant to orbit the planet, gathering energy in space like a magnet. When it eclipsed with the sun, it would fertilize the life energy here below.

Yusuke: Lemme guess, youíre the one who tampered with it to fry demons instead.

Ootake: Stunning deduction, coming from you.

Yusuke: I still donít see how this affects your stupid energy crop.

Ootake: As I was explaining, the Human Worldís resources are pure. However, with demons about, their evil influence pollutes the energy that they donít steal. Itís like adding axel grease to your ice cream.

Yusuke: Pollute this!

[Yusuke screams as he releases an enormous amount of energy. The Extractor absorbs all of it.]

Ootake: Get angry all you want, Yusuke. It will only speed your demise.

* * *

[At Genkaiís compound, Puu is sleeping on the porch. Puu raises his head and lets out a screech. Yukina runs out to him.]

Yukina: What is it, Puu?

[Puu spreads his wings and takes off, causing wind that Yukina braces against. Puu flies away. Yukina watches him disappear in the distance.]

Yukina Voiceover: I wonder whatís wrong with Puu?

* * *

[Kurama glares at Shunjun.]

Kurama: You hunted me down before, and I survived.

Shunjun: You really think you escaped on your own when you were so weak? You only lived because I let you.

[Kurama lets out a soft growl.]

Shunjun: We had it all planned out. You still proved useful, so we brainwashed you and made you think you escaped.

[Shunjun pushes himself away from the table and walks around Kurama.]

Kurama Voiceover: Brainwashing? If they did something like that with Rose, then that would explain her warped thinking.

Shunjun: [continuing] Now you have used up your usefulness, so it is time for you to become one with The Core.

[Shunjun stops behind Kurama and raises his hand. A dark orb appears in front of the table.]

Shunjun: Behold one of the Gifts to Deity, our eternal resource. It acts like a black hole for energy; this is the fate for demons who have committed their second felony. The Core utilizes their power to strengthen our own. As of late, we have gathered many ďdisagreeableĒ demons. Thanks to them, we have been able to make extraordinary technological advances that enable us to hold power over many S-class demons.

Kurama: And do you brainwash those demons to be ďdisagreeable,Ē so you can justify getting rid of them?

Shunjun: Even as we speak, some of my men are capturing the strongest demons they can to brainwash them to attack the Human World.

* * *

[Koenma slaps his hands on his desk, causing a small radio to bounce.]

Koenma: WHAT! [hits intercom button] BOTAN! Get your patootie in here this instant!

George: But sir, didnít you just send her out on some errands?

Koenma: This is far more important!

George: Why is that?

Koenma: Havenít you been listening to the transmission Kurama has been sending us?

George: Yeah, Kurama got caught. But what can we do? Are you going to send in Botan to save him?

Koenma: No, you dolt!

[Koenma is interrupted by Botan entering the room.]

Botan: Iím here, Koenma, sir!

Koenma: For once Iím glad you lingered about instead of doing what you were told.

Botan: Oh, Koenma, sir, you know I do that in case you ever forget anything.

Koenma: Enough with the chipper attitude, weíve got some serious business!

Botan: Oh, dear.

Koenma: Forget what you were doing. I need you to get the detectives to Demon World right away and stop the SDF from gathering demons, pronto! If they get the demons here and brainwash them to attack the Human World, Iím afraid Kaisei and Fubuki wonít be able to stop them.

* * *

[The SDF guy strides around the table that Mukuro is on.]

SDF Guy: We have far better use of your energy than you demons do. [shakes a finger at Mukuro] You have enormous power, but what do you do with it? Just sit in this giant centipede? When weíre done with you, weíll have the power to crush others of your strength and higher!

Mukuro: So you plan to alter my memories in order to trick me to fight the other demons?

SDF Guy: Not exactly. Youíll attack the humans. Then when you are caught, we will dispose of you properly, which will surrender your energy to our uses.

Hiei: Fool. You already caught us. Why brainwash us to catch us again?

SDF Guy: Because when we catch you again, you wonít remember this, and so you will face your punishment, knowing that you have done wrong.

Mukuro: Are you sure you want to set me on the humans? You realize with my power, Iíll obliterate a continent or two before you can detain me again.

SDF Guy: Not if weíre quick to engage you in battle. You see, thereís this nice little feature about our brainwashing that will cause you to hold back subconsciously, so even if you try your hardest, it will prohibit you from overcoming us.

[Hiei and Mukuro glare. The SDF Guy picks up a needle from the ground.]

SDF Guy: Donít worry, we still have some time yet before we get there, so letís enjoy ourselves. [sinister chuckle]

[Freeze frame with Yusuke, Kurama, and Hiei in their captivity.]

Narrator: Answers about the true motives of Spirit World are unraveling, but will it do them any good with their destruction in sight?

ďIf youíve been following along, youíre probably pretty upset about now. Yeah, Spirit World, the guys weíve been fighting for, turns out to have quite a few skeletons in their closet. But thatís not all. Now that we know, how are we going to do anything about it? We kind of have our hands tied at the moment. But maybe if Iím lucky, Iíll get my chance to take on King Yama himself! So be sure to catch us next time as we bring the world down in YuYu Hakusho Beyond!Ē

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