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Thursday, April 9, 2009

   I'm grateful for crates.
Wow, I've let out some spoilers for YuYu Hakusho Beyond! with the kids a few sagas down the road and wows...a bit unexpected. Fonaruk (Kuwabara and Yukina's daughter) seems to be really popular! What was I expecting? ^^ well, *puts finger to nose in Xellos style* That is a secret! I just hope people don't get too mad at me later with how things will be presented, and I'm already glad I softened her up from the POV of the competition XD

Another bit of fun-ness, oh wait, I shared that last time, didn't I? XD The video of me and my friend doing our Wild Wind offspring skit? The files of the other con-ness were too big to transfer, so we'll have to wait to summer for me to show you stuffs like Aaron playing the Grown Shura!

I put up a few fanarts this week, an older YYHB! scene, an Original story shot, and then an adoption, so welcome Hideaki to the castle, I'll properly introduce him in a good ol' castle post on my world sometime ^^

YYH Beyond: Episode 22: INCARCERATION
{Previously: After discovering one of the Gifts to Deity, everyone returned to their almost-normal lives. After studying out the situation, Koenma had an assignment solely for one of the spirit detectives, while the other one asked Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Kurama more about the previous case. It seems as though their last foe was not acting off of her own intuition. The questions have been renewed, what was the true motive behind Foliage Fortress?}

[Yusuke flies over trees.]

Yusuke Voiceover: Stupid Kuwabara. Finding my wedding ring is going to be like finding a needle in a stupid haystack! But it’s better than being blackmailed.

[Yusuke spots Foliage Fortress and notices activity in the area. He descends into the forest. Landing in snow, he peers around a tree to see what is happening. Spirit World soldiers patrol around the fortress.]

Yusuke Voiceover: Well, well. It looks like we’ve got the goon squad cleaning things up still.

[A gun touches the back of Yusuke’s head.]

Soldier 1: This area is off limits. Go home, boy.

[Yusuke raises his hands.]

Yusuke: Sorry. I lost something a while back and came to look for it. You guys wouldn’t have a gold ring in your lost and found here, would you?

[The soldier lowers the gun and raises his opposite hand, palm glowing.]

Soldier 1: So you’ve been here before. Then how about you stay here…forever!

[As the Soldier releases his energy blast, Yusuke crouches, turns, and upper cuts the soldier’s arm, sending the blast just over Yusuke’s head. A branch falls on the soldier’s head, knocking him out.]

Yusuke Voiceover: After all the times I’ve saved the world, they’re still trying to off me?

[Yusuke’s head turns at the sound of other soldiers approaching. He flies up into the canopy. Other soldiers arrive at the scene.]

Soldier 2: What happened here?

Soldier 3: I’d say an ambush, but there are no other footprints.

Soldier 2: Someone better tell the chief.

Soldier 3: Why bother? This guy probably wanted an excuse to slack off.

[Balancing on a tree branch, Yusuke peers down.]

Yusuke Voiceover: Stupid tools as always. Now how do I get in?

* * *

[Ayame is leading Kurama down a dimly-lit hallway in Spirit World. They stop in front of a human-sized, iron door.]

Ayame: Koenma appreciates you coming. He is waiting inside

[The door opens. Kurama enters a small, black room. One light hangs over a table; and Koenma sits on the far side. Kurama sits in the chair opposite him.]

Kurama: A Room of Concealment?

Koenma: I have been too open in my past actions.

Kurama: I wonder where your actions will lead. A case’s after-effects, such as the orb’s function, is not the sort of information you usually tell detectives. You let Kaisei know that fact on purpose to rouse our interest, but you did not say why you wanted to see us.

Koenma: To avoid eavesdroppers. However, this room is safe from detection or recordation.

Kurama: Then I have questions I want answered first. Spirit World knows about the cloning, don’t they? Who made them? What was their true objective?

Koenma: Personally, I know nothing about where the clones came from or why they did what they did. But if you hear me out, I wager you can discover that for yourself. [takes a breath] Kurama, I need your skills [pause] as a thief.

* * *

[Mukuro’s fortress sits in a forest. Mr. BigNose points to the source of what he smells. Hiei and some other demons jump down to investigate. An SDF Guy lurks in the trees. When a demon gets close, he reaches out and shocks the demon. The other demons turn as the one falls to the ground.]

Demon 1: Hey! Over there!

[Being spotted, the SDF Guy starts running away while the band of demons pursues him through the forest. One demon appears in front of the SDF Guy and grabs him.]

Demon 2: Gotcha!

[The SDF Guy grabs the demon’s torso, shocking him into unconsciousness as well. The SDF Guy sighs with a smirk. Before he resumes running, Hiei’s hilt hits him in the back of his neck. His eyes blank out as he falls to the ground. Hiei stands over the SDF Guy while the other demons catch up.]

Hiei: Well, what do we have here? It seems to be a Spirit World lackey. There are no Demon World laws protecting them. How fortunate. It looks like I get to have some fun today after all.

* * *

[Yusuke observes the soldiers around the fortress. After two soldiers cross, he flies across the clearing to the fortress. Landing a third of the way up, Yusuke focuses his energy into his fist.]

Yusuke Voiceover: Hopefully I’ll find that ring so I can get out of here.

[Yusuke punches the wall then releases a muffled shotgun. The section of wall crumbles, leaving a small hole. Yusuke crawls through. In the clearing below, a soldier looks up to see rubble flowing down the side of the fortress.]

* * *

[Koenma and Kurama still sit at the table in discussion.]

Kurama: You also wanted to know more about Rose, didn’t you? Well, hearing “Sensui” provokes her. “The Sensui Case” renews her urge to kill the others. Why would that be? Is there more about that case that you haven’t told us?

Koenma: That is what I want you to find out. I think perhaps Sensui noticed things that were wrong before he disappeared. Believe it or not, my access to Spirit World’s files is limited, but in what I do have access to, I have found inconsistencies.

Kurama: So you would like me to further investigate these inconsistencies.

Koenma: I’m wondering if Sensui stumbled across classified information before he left. Not even I know the location of such confidential materials, but I’m confident that with your past experience, you will be able to find it and retrieve the needed information. But you must be careful; I already sent Fubuki to research those records. I presume she failed.

Kurama: Kaisei said she had not been herself as of late.

Koenma: I’ve seen him express that, which almost regrettably furthers my theory.

Kurama: Which is?

Koenma: [hesitant to say out loud] A scandal in Sprit World.

* * *

[From the SDF Guy’s perspective, he wakes up and a room comes into focus. He finds himself strapped to a table. Hiei looms over him.]

Hiei: Relax. You won’t be going anywhere soon.

SDF Guy: [gulps] You better let me go or…

Hiei: Or you’ll what?

[Hiei punches the SDF Guy. The SDF Guy remains silent.]

Hiei: Now do tell, what are you doing in Demon World?

[The SDF Guy defiantly keeps his mouth closed. Hiei punches his face again.]

Hiei: Answer!

SDF Guy: I-I don’t know. I must have gotten here by accident.

Hiei: Wrong answer!

[Hiei punches the SDF Guy again.]

Hiei: Now tell the truth!

SDF Guy: Make me!

[Hiei gives the SDF Guy three more punches. The SDF Guy glares at Hiei and spits into his eye. Hiei rubs his eye.]

Hiei: [growls] You shouldn’t have done that.

[From the SDF Guy’s perspective, Hiei swings a fist right to his face and blacks out with the sound of a smack.]


[Kuwabara sits at his desk, tapping his pencil to his cheek.]

Kuwabara: Now how to start? I’ll need a good intro to really get my audience.

[Kuwabara looks at the clock. He swivels his chair around and turns on the TV.]

Host: Tonight we have a trio of demons that have been making themselves popular around town. Please welcome, The Cult!

[Applause while Koto, Juri, and Ruka appear on the screen.]

Kuwabara: What do you know? Looks like I can get some research done while relaxing.

Host: So you’ve gathered quite the following, especially among middle-aged men. With your growing attractiveness, are you gals single or spoken for?

Juri: [shock, dissapointment] Middle-aged men? Eww!

Koto: Sorry guys, but our hearts are taken!

Ruka: If only those boys realized they’ve stolen them…

Host: [with thoughts of ratings boosting] Well don’t be shy girls, do tell!

Koto: The guy I like has a cold exterior, but I think he’s really soft and kind on the inside. I just can’t seem to find a good way to approach him.

Juri: I like this way beautiful guy; he’s kinda like Donny Jepp. Although he can come off silly, the world doesn’t seem good enough for him.

Ruka: My man screams for a woman to come fix him up. If only I could get him to stop horsing around with his friends long enough for a date.

* * *

[On a cliff, Shishiwakamaru sits in imp form beside Jin, Suzuka, and Touya, who are standing in a row. Jin, Suzuka, and Touya all sneeze in unison. Shishiwakamaru questioningly glances over at them as they rub their noses.]

Touya: Something must be going around.

Jin: Wouldn’t be like you ta be catchin’ a cold now, boy-oh!

* * *

[Yusuke’s head pops out from around a tree at edge of the clearing where he had fought the Kurama clone before. Seeing the coast is clear, he walks out, scanning the ground.]

Yusuke Voiceover: Well, it doesn’t look like much has grown back. That should make it easier to find if it’s here. Huh?

[Yusuke senses someone coming and retreats to the nearby trees. A soldier patrols through the clearing, scanning the area. Yusuke watches the soldier as he stops with a smirk and bends down. The soldier stands back up, rubbing a gold ring. He then continues his patrol.]

Yusuke Voiceover: Just my luck. It’s found, but he’s got it.

[Slowly, Yusuke flies out behind the soldier. The soldier turns, and Yusuke flies to keep behind him. The soldier turns the other way, Yusuke keeps behind him. The soldier walks towards the canyon wall, with Yusuke still behind him. The soldier turns his back to the wall, Yusuke flies to the wall. Just as he extends his hand to tap the soldier on the shoulder, Former SDF Captain Ootake emerges from a crevice and grabs Yusuke’s shoulder with electric waves shocking him. Yusuke falls to the ground.]

Ootake: Good work, soldier.

Yusuke: [groans] What the-? Ootake? Hey, didn’t they ‘X’ you after you couldn’t finish me off at the demon tunnel thing?

Ootaki: I got demoted, but that will soon change.

Soldier: Sir!

[The soldier tosses the ring over to Ootake. Ootake catches it then holds it between his index finger and thumb for Yusuke to see.]

Ootaki: We found it in another room further in. Who would have known this little thing would have come in handy. Imagine my delight when I heard someone had come here looking for it.

Yusuke: [groaning] Don’t forget that I’m the Mazoku. I eat weaklings like you for breakfast.

Ootaki: But I was able to temporarily immobilize you with our improved shockers that can handle most S-class demons. And fortunately we do have something nearby that can hold you until we are ready to deal with you.

* * *

[Kurama examines walls as he travels down a corridor in Spirit World. He masks his presence so the audience sees him as a ghost. Spirit World personnel walk by. Kurama resumes his examination after they pass.]

Kurama Voiceover: I can feel that I am close. An unfamiliar smell permeates from these walls. The door is near.

[There is a soft rumble. A door appears in the wall. Three SDF members walk out. The door disappears, and the three walk away. Kurama eases to where the door was and investigates. He taps sections of the wall. A pad pops out. Kurama wraps a leaf around his thumb and presses it to the pad. The door opens.]

Kurama Voiceover: At last.

[Kurama enters the hidden room and closes the door. There are bookcases filled with records all around. The center of the room is cleared with a table and some chairs in front of a fireplace. Kurama unmasks himself as he approaches the table, eyeing the documents.]

Kurama: This is-?

[Kurama picks up the papers.]

Kurama: [reading] Spirit Detective Faction. Report-Fubuki Satou was found searching Spirit World files. [flips page] Koenma has appointed human detectives to investigate spirit matters. [flips page] Operation Clone Attack failed. [intent] Must appoint plan B.

[The door opens. Shunjun stands in the doorway. He raises his arm towards Kurama.]

Shunjun: Well, what do we have here?

[Kurama sprints to the side, but an electric spirit net shoots out from Shunjun’s palm and ensnares Kurama. Kurama falls while the net shocks him.]

Kurama: Captain Shunjun. [wincing] Release me!

Shunjun: This net is specifically designed to hold spirit energy in. Now it is pointless for you to do anything but wait for your fate.

[Shunjun steps towards Kurama.]

Kurama Voiceover: Why does this seem familiar?

* * *

[A pair of feet walks down a hallway in Mukuro’s fortress. They stop in front of a door. The door opens, revealing Hiei inside punching the SDF Guy. The feet enter and the door closes. Pan up from the feet to reveal Mukuro.]

Mukuro: How is the session going?

[Hiei’s punches pause.]

Hiei: He still refuses to talk, but it’s only bad for him.

[Hiei gives the SDF Guy another punch. Mukuro walks over to a cabinet and pulls out a drawer.]

Mukuro: Perhaps we could make this more interesting with some instruments?

[Mukuro grabs a needle and scalpel from the drawer. Hiei smiles at Mukuro.]

Hiei: [to the SDF Guy] How does peeling your flesh off sound?

SDF Guy: Wait; is that one of the former leaders of Demon World? I give! I’ll talk.

[Mukuro walks over and hands the scalpel to Hiei.]

Hiei: Talk quick. Or we’ll try out our new toys.

SDF Guy: I-I was sent to get some things. You can ch-check my belt, there’s a list in it of what I need to get.

Mukuro: I can tell you’re lying.

[Mukuro holds the needle for the SDF Guy to see.]

SDF Guy: It’s the truth. Let me show you. [bawling] Just please keep that needle away from me! I hate needles!

Hiei: Then tell the truth, coward.

SDF Guy: [sniffs] Okay. [whispers inaudibly]

[Hiei and Mukuro close in with their tools. The SDF Guy’s eyes narrow with a grin. An electric aura surrounds him that shocks Hiei and Mukuro. Both fall to the ground.]

SDF Guy: I got the big ones. Send in reinforcements.

Transmitted Voice: Right away.

Narrator: Three worlds and three captures. What does the Special Defense Force have in store for the former detective and friends?

“And now for my poem, ‘Ode to Yukina: My dearest, my sweet, my love, my joy! There isn’t a thing…’ Hey wait a minute! What’s all this other stuff going on? It looks like Yusuke, Kurama, and Hiei all got themselves into tight binds. And while they are all captured, they’re going to discover some pretty interesting details, such as Koenma’s hunch being right! What the heck is Spirit World been up to? These guys better get their acts together and get out so we can do something about this scandal. I’ll have to save my poem for Yukina until later; it’s time for me to work on my thesis! See all three worlds upturned on the next exciting episode of YuYu Hakusho Beyond!”

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