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Thursday, April 2, 2009

   I'm grateful for cameras
busy busy busy trying to catch up after Fannatiku!

My camera died, so I don't have that many pictures v.v but yeah, my cosplay was a spoiler anyway XD 2nd spoiler in a convention-row XD Well for the masqurade I got some others to record, so SpOiLeR wArNiNg that the attached video is one of those ^o^ but I hope to get copies from others that I can put up myself. I was impressed with how well the sound turned out at least, we prerecorded, but on vid you can't tell!

Also, if I get a copy back, I had Aaron read some of Shura's lines that will be later in the Beyond! series, so I hope to get that out too, bit of a spoiler, but not as big as my cosplay lol! I also had Jerry sign my Hiei in RainbowLand pic and he added his own text of "Tornado Fist!" ^_^ but didn't catcth that on camera either. And OH! I forgot to ask him about singing Jin's image song v.v the guests left right after their signings this year so we didn't have time to kidnap them for lunch! But I did tell them they better tell Justin Cook (since one is his best friend and the other is his cousin's son) about Beyond! so keep your fingers crossed!

Still, here is what I did have before my camera died XP

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