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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

   I'm greatful for the Temple
You know? I think I'm not going to say much and just post the story XD lol

Although we have all the lines in for Eizou Hakusho, so that should be coming out soon! And look forward to the RadioPlay version of An Anime Christmas this season!

It's still pretty warm for this time of year XD In fact it's warmer here than back in Texas o.O >not complaining though...I LOVE being warm!<

Three more episodes will be heading towards my editors...soon... XD I'm trying to get the scripts a little bit more complete. I guess that will make up for not writing my second year for an Anime Christmas XD I've also been working on two other YYH fics (actual fanfic rather than my story, one serious, and the other downright hilarious)

Speaking of Anime Xmases...for a Nutcracker gig...would it be better to have Yuki as the rat king and Kyo as the nutcracker prince, or should I go for funny and have Kyo be the rat king and Yuki the nutcracker prince?

Was that enough of a tangent to get straight to the story? Well, here's the next episode! *boy things are really heating up! The one after this is going to be EPIC!*

YYH Beyond: Episode 17: GUNS AND WHIPS
{Previously: After receiving a deathly message of impending destruction, Yusuke and friends joined with the new spirit detectives in entering the Foliage Fortress. As they progressed through this living labyrinth, rattlesnake vines decided to break the group apart. Left by themselves, the spirit detectives had the first run in and were captured. Kuwabara also had an encounter of his own, which was with Kurama. With friendly enticement, Kurama managed to capture a hungry Kuwabara. Yusuke and Hiei are still split apart as they work their way through. Will Kurama confront them in similar manners? How will they handle his betrayal?}

[Yusuke walks through a plant-infested hallway. He notices some light and turns towards it. He brushes hanging vines to the side to reveal a canyon. He walks out and looks to each side, seeing the canyon extend as far as he can see. Looking up, he sees plants woven over the top, enclosing the canyon but still letting plenty of light through.]

Yusuke: [whistles] This fortress is big enough to fit a whole city in here, or more! Heh. Still, too bad for them and good for me that I stumbled onto this section. No more stupid nature hikes!

[Yusuke inhales and lifts his legs to float. He takes his time ascending as he eyes the rocky and mossy walls. He starts flying to the side, still eyeing the walls.]

Yusuke Voiceover: Come on. If there was a way out here, thereís got to be more that lead inÖ

[Yusuke flies around a bend. He is seen flying through a section with darker lighting. He passes through another section with lighter lighting.]

Yusuke Voiceover: Geeze, how big is this place? Scratch the city, this fortress could fit a million of them! It feels like Iíve been flying for days now. I hope Iím not just going in circles; all this backwoods stuff looks the same to me. If I never see another tree again, it will be too soon.

[Yusuke spots water running out of the side of a gorge.]

Yusuke: Well, thatís new.

Yusuke Voiceover: And if water is coming out, itís coming from somewhere, which might mean a way back in.

[Yusuke flies down to where the water is coming out. He cups his hand to catch some water and drinks it while investigating the crevice.]

Yusuke Voiceover: Iím no expert, but it looks like spheres were cut out from all along here, which canít be normal.

[Yusuke feels the holes near where the water is emerging from. Behind him, vines shoot out from the underbrush and wrap around Yusuke.]

Yusuke: Hey! Whatís the big idea? Let go!

[Yusuke starts to fly back up. Kurama jumps out from where the vines are coming from.]

Yusuke: Ku-Kurama? What do you think youíre doing?

Kurama: Heh.

[Kurama pulls the vines down to send Yusuke crashing into the ground. Kurama lands in front and reaches into his pocket.]

Kurama: Donít worry. It will all be over soon.

[Kurama pulls out a handful of powder. He starts to blow, but Yusuke powers up and breaks his bind, flying back up.]

Yusuke: I donít think so!

Kurama: ROSE WHIP!

[Kurama pulls out his whip while jumping and lashes it towards Yusuke. Yusuke shoots upwards to dodge and curves overhead. Upside-down, Yusuke points his finger.]


[Kurama turns with his whip. As the spirit gun blast nears, the whip hits it. Kurama releases energy, causing his whip to glow red as it holds the blast back. Electricity cackles around the clashing powers. Kurama pulls the whip, causing its thorns to slice through the blast. Splitting it in two, each half of the shot is sent to a different side. The explosions damage the scenery but neither of the fighters. Kurama stands firm as the blasts blow his hair. Yusuke flips to land right side up. Kurama snaps his whip again. The whip hits a branch in Yusukeís hand.]

Yusuke: Whoa, hey! I know Iíve been dying to test my skills against yours, but now really isnít the time.

[Yusuke tosses the branch.]

Kurama: [smirk] Who said anything about a test?

[Kurama extends an arm with plants shooting out towards Yusuke.]

* * *

[George runs into Koenmaís office. Koenma sits glumly at his desk with a pencil in hand and puzzle book in front.]

George: The reception should be working fine, Koenma sir!

[Koenma sets down the pencil and reaches for the remote.]

Koenma: Well itís about time, ogre! You know I canít rest easy if I donít know whatís going on.

[Koenma surfs the channels, displaying different parts of the fortress.]

George: It looks as though the spiritual storm is over, sir.

Koenma: I told you! And you, ya blue ninny, thought the enemy was masking the place from our reception.

[The scene of Kurama attacking Yusuke in the canyon comes up. Koenmaís and Georgeís eyes pop and jaws drop.]

Koenma & George: WAK???

Koenma: Holy Toledo! Why are those two fighting when they have a world to save?

George: Perhaps itís to see who gets the last cookie?

Koenma: What cookie? Shut up, you fruitcake!

* * *

[Yusuke crouches down behind a bush and some trees.]

Yusuke Voiceover: Aw crud, with all these plants Kuramaís got the advantage. Itís like he has me surrounded. This plant-infested placeÖI canít believe I didnít see this before.

[Kurama walks by, scanning the area. After he passes, Yusuke rises and sticks a glowing finger to the back of Kuramaís head.]

Yusuke: Why are you dong this? [pause] Tell me!

[A tree branch swings down to loop Yusuke around the neck.]

Kurama: [smiles] Hm. Why should I tell you?

[Kurama turns. Yusuke flies out of the noose. Charging his finger, he aims it at Kurama.]

Yusuke: So I can knock some sense into you instead of blasting it out!

[Yusuke blows off another spirit gun. Kurama springs to the side.]

Kurama: Very witty. But if you could not tell yet, you have been brought here for your own destruction.

[The surrounding trees twist together, enclosing Kurama and Yusuke in a dome.]

Yusuke: So that bullet affair, that was just a part of your plan, huh? And knowing where and when to locate us with notes? Tell me, was Midori a part of your scheme too?

[Yusuke flies towards Kurama with his fist ready for a punch. Kurama sweeps his hand branches block Yusuke. One of his hands gets caught in the branches.]

Kurama: I believe I have already told you more than you should know.

Yusuke: Doesnít mean I get it.

Kurama: Your small mind would not be able to handle the truth.

[Yusuke manages to free his hand from the branchesí bonds.]

Yusuke: Well see if you can handle my SHOTGUN!

[Many shots rapid-fire from Yusukeís fist. Smoke clouds arise around Kurama as the attack continues.]

* * *

[Koenma and George continue to watch the fight.]

George: So, who do you think will win?

Koenma: Well, it sounds like Kurama is the enemy this time. But the question is why.

George: Well he used to be a bad demon. Could he have returned to that?

Koenma: Even as a demon, he was loyal to his comrades.

George: But didnít he try to off Yomi once?

Koenma: For being brash. Now I know Yusuke isnít the smartest cracker in the barrel, but itís not like heís made mistakes that would make killing him profitable.

George: Well Yusuke did kill Kuramaís siblings. Perhaps heís after revenge?

Koenma: Kurama fought along with Yusuke in that battle.

George: But what ifÖ

Koenma: Ogre. Keep quiet until you have something intelligent to say, which is never. Iím trying to figure this out!

[Koenma squints at the screen in hopes of finding a clue.]

* * *

[Yusuke finishes his lengthy assault, wiping out most of the life in the area. A battered wooden wall is raised in front of Kurama, who now has scrapes from blasts that penetrated. Yusuke flies over and lands on what is left from Kuramaís shield.]

Yusuke: Seriously, Kurama. Whatís up?

Kurama: I [breathes] will not stop [lifts hand] until youíre overcome!

[Kurama strikes the shield. The shield grows up and around Yusuke.]


[Kurama passes his energy into the tree that is encompassing Yusuke. Only Yusukeís face can be seen as the limbs wrap and tighten around him.]

Kurama: Donít bother struggling any more.

Yusuke: Iíll warn you once. Release me, or stand back.

[Kurama looks up in doubt.]

Kurama: Iím making this too dense to penetrate.

Yusuke: Not for the Spirit Wave. You gave your all. Hereís mine!

[Yusuke powers up. His eyes start glowing. The tree rustles, and Kurama bites his lip. Kurama places his other hand and lets out more energy. Yusuke completes his tactic as a light blue aura illuminates the area and expands. The tree dissolves, leaving Yusuke floating as a shiny white wave discharges. Kurama is blown back by this surge of power. The wave lasts for a while then dies out. Yusuke floats back down to the ground, landing in front of Kuramaís body.]

Yusuke: [sighs] Sorry, old friend.

[Yusuke turns and walks towards the fortress side of the canyon.]

Yusuke Voiceover: Man that was tough; I donít think I could take another beating like that any time soon. I donít even have enough energy left to fly any more.

[Yusuke bends down by the waterfall to get a drink. He senses something behind him.]

Yusuke: Oh great, me and my big mouth.

[Yusuke rises then turns. He is now face to face with Kurama. Kurama stands tall with none of the wounds he was left with.]

Yusuke: I knocked you unconscious back there. What gives?

Kurama: Heh, heh. Gave everything, and now youíre too weak to fight back? I thought you would have learned better by now.

[The air fills with pollen. Yusuke holds his breath with a glare. He paces to the side, but a branch juts out from the canyon wall, hitting Yusuke on the back of the neck. Yusukeís mouth opens as he falls to the ground.]

* * *

[In Koenmaís office, the scene fizzles out to white noise.]

Koenma: [bawling] What is with this unusually high amount of spiritual storms?

George: Oh, donít make me go fix it again, Koenma sir. George is scared of heights!

Koenma: George is scared of spankings too, isnít he?

[George gulps. Ayame enters through the wall.]

Ayame: Koenma, sir.

Koenma: [takes a deep breath] Yes. What is it?

Ayame: All completed test results show only positive outcomes. There are a few more tests that can be run, but we have run out of energy samples.

Koenma: Very well. According to the pattern, the barrier should wane soon.

Ayame: We shall stand ready to gather another sample then.

[Ayame bows then exits through the wall. Koenma strokes his chin in thought. A light bulb turns on over his head as he slaps a fist onto his palm.]

Koenma: HA! I got it!

George: Got what, Koenma sir? The last word on your crossword puzzle?

Koenma: Now donít you start acting funny too! I figured out whatís going on, you dolt!

George: But the testing isnít finished yet! How do you know?

Koenma: Because Iím the Mighty Koenma. The reason all the tests show good outcomes is because the energy must be good.

George: Meaning there is no threat? So you sent the detectives there for nothing?

Koenma: Keep your cool. Theyíre not in any danger. And Kurama isnít the bad guy. Heís only training them!

George: Do you really think that is the case, Koenma sir?

Koenma: Well Yusuke just blasted the crud out of Kurama, and only a moment later heís standing in front of him in mint condition. He must have used that energy weíve been picking up to heal himself. Apparently it works faster than Genkaiís Spirit Wave Technique!

George: So Kurama will teach the others about this new energy?

Koenma: Most likely. But Iím still worried. If Kurama went out of his way to put this together, then that must mean he knows of something bad approaching.

George: That didnít do us any good. Now weíre back at square one!

Koenma: Ogre. I donít know why I have to reason with you.

* * *

[Kurama enters the room with the Cloaked Master. He holds Yusuke on his shoulder with his feet trailing behind. The Cloaked Master puts a hand in front of Yusukeís sleeping face.]

Cloaked Master: You fool. You exhausted nearly all his energy in capturing him.

Kurama: Blame M7. He fought this guy to the death.

Cloaked Master: Another unanticipated loss. [waves hand with ring glowing] Hook this one up. Weíll get what energy we can from him.

[Kurama drags Yusuke across the room. They pass a sleeping Kuwabara who is locked hand and foot to a giant metal circle. Plant-like cords are wound around the device. A sunflower-like plant is growing in front of him with the bloom close to his face. Kurama stops in front of a similar contraption next to Kuwabara and places a hand on it. Cords come down and attach to Yusuke and pull him up. Yusuke starts to stir. Kurama locks the clamps around Yusukeís wrists and ankles. When the locks are in place, a plant sprouts up and blooms in front of Yusukeís face. After a few blinks, Yusuke falls back asleep.]

Kurama: I overheard this one ask if Midori was part of the scheme.

Cloaked Master: Interesting. But capturing this one took longer than anticipated. Time is running short; we cannot take chances catching the last one. The rattlesnake vines should have sent him to the barracks. Take M3 and M5 there with you. We must capture our final guest with full force immediately!

Kurama: Do it yourself. Iím supposed to help out with the orb now.

Cloaked Master: [unemotional] Excuse me?

[The Cloaked Master raises her hand towards Kurama. The ring on it starts to glow.]

Cloaked Master: [flatly] You will take reinforcements to the barracks and capture the last one now.

[The Cloaked Master waves from Kurama towards the door, her ring pulsing. Kurama gives a nod.]

Kurama: Yes, master.

[Kurama begins to exit the room.]

Cloaked Master: The new moon is almost upon us.

* * *

[Outside view of the Foliage Fortress. Soft rumble starts and the entire fortress starts shaking. The fortress lifts off the ground. After reaching space, the fortress is seen orbiting the earth.]

Cloaked Master Voiceover: [prophetic echoing] A full moon shall shine doom when the earthís is new and gone.

Narrator: Like a rocket, the Foliage Fortress heads towards its cosmic destination destroy the world. With only Hiei left free, can the impending catastrophe be diverted? Or will things turn out to be not as they seem?

ďThatís me, Hiei, and like I said before, Iíve been roped into another mission just to baby-sit. When will they learn to pull their own weight? I should just let them all rot and die, but I have my own confrontation to handle. Rest assured I will not go without a fight, but then who do I end up fighting? There will be more surprises next time as I defend against the unexpected and learn a few surprises for myself. So if you miss the next episode of YuYu Hakusho Beyond! I may have to hurt you for your lack of respect.Ē

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