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Thursday, November 13, 2008

   I'm greatful for friends
Adding a P.S. at the top XD Since this is a longer than normal long post and not everyone may make it to the end lol!

My Texas friend I keep mentioning in this post got an account on TheO! Her username is Frolay. If you can welcome her, I'm sure she'd appreciate it...and if you ever wanted to see the YuYu guys play DDR, subscribe so you'll know when she gets her special wallpapers up here!

(and a special thank you to any and all who have submitted wallpapers, esp to the YYH category, it's the best collection she come acrossed on the net and was throughly please with options when she wanted to change her desktop wallpaper!)


Banzai was a HUGE blast! You guys have no idea! But the short of it, it was all about Friday XD

Kurama and Hiei were the first cosplayers I saw when we got there! <3 and it ended up they new me and my Texas friend from DA and I knew the Kurama because she's the sister of our anime club president X3
*1st costume~Pregnant Gracia (FMA)...and everyone thought I was REALLY pregnant XD Gave birth to a fraggle for Sonny Strait (voiced Maes Hughes) and he exclaimed, "Looks just like me!" then did the Kodocha dance a cappella solo, he got the whole room clapping the beat. I showed him my Misako hat and he told me to come to his booth in Artists' Alley when I was in my Kodocha outfit. Redid my pregnant to meet Vic Mignogna (Edward Elric) he recoiled when feeling it 'kick' (even though it didn't do anything) and freaked out Ed-style when I 'went into labor'
*2nd costume~Misako (Kodocha) homeless look {the hat didn't want to stay on} Got to talk with Sonny, found out a range of wages for VAs and found out some of the extras he's played, cool minor roles too by my opinion! Spent tons of $$$ at the dealers room >.>;;; all because they accepted credit cards without additional fees like they did at AnimeFest...
*3rd costume~Spoiler! (Rose, an OC not yet introduced in YYH Beyond!) There was a Yusuke cosplayer with a spirit gun and paper mache puu so we planned a YYH photoshoot if we could get all of us together. I hung out with Kurama and Hiei taking cosplay pics. They went to an event and I chilled, ran into Yusuke again, and with Yusuke got with Hiei and Kurama for a YYH photoshoot before Vic's Q&A
~Asked Vic a ? ^^, so did my friend {hilarious! If you love Vic, you'll want to hear this!} ...more Banzai vids on my YouTube page-check out Sonny's if you get a chance, I thought he was funny!~

Yay he endorsed my character XD >.> I just remembered in my dream last night he kept talking in that voice at a con in my church building from where I grew up and I was about to go up for a performance of a song from Oklahoma or something but then there were tech issues or something and then I woke up again...

So I was pretty tired by then, but there was the masqurade ball that night and I went to that (that's the whole reason I had costume #3) Techno video game music for '15 min' (it seemed less to me XD) then they announced the winners of the silent auction of getting a dance with Vic to come up and pay...and I heard my name O_O
*FANGIRL SPAZ!* YES IT'S TRUE! I GOT TO DANCE WITH VIC MIGNOGNA!!! I was sure people would be bidding higher, like in the range the first winner did (it was for charity too-a cancer research organization...but I guess I forgot most people at cons are teeny-boppers XD) So it was cool, it gave me a change to talk with Vic some more and he told me I might get lucky with my Beyond! series because FUNi is doing lots of stuff!

Kinda glad I didn't realize it at the time otherwise I really would have been spazzing...but the character I was dressed as and my character that I want Vic to voice... X3 ...lets just say his character is head over heals for my character--Kuwabara-style with pinky string of love and everything and my character could care less lol Ah I'll have to remember this when I get to the masqurade scene with for those two {which sorry to tell and keep you waiting, that scene will be at least 5 sagas in the future}

Also I ran into my cousin in the restroom XD so that was pretty cool since I last saw her last Thanksgiving, and I was hoping to meet Kyo Krazy and Silent Love but we didn't get to ToT and here's the saddest part~They saw me and I saw them but we didn't know we were each other! I even took a picture of them on Saturday when I was all Banzai-ed out, waiting for autographs (Tiffany Grant was there too and I wanted to see her and thank her for coming onto TheOtaku chat) decideing not to cosplay so I wore the FB clothes I bought and the neko-ears I made there. We'll just have to plan better next time!


Now after the convention I've been busy with casting and directing An Anime Christmas Carol {remember year 1 of An Anime Christmas? We're making a radioplay of it, and this time there's a pro College University Professor doing the mixing and we'll have it out in December!}, catching up everywhere that I fell behind in while I was gone on all my vacations, and my one Texas friend has gotten me to start posting my stuff on DA, so after 4 years of inactivity, I revived my DeviantArt account. I even made some YYH emoticons this week that you can check out there...they'll be in my most recent deviations box for the rest of this week, they're not the best but I still think they're cute so I want them to stay on my main page for a while X3

Oh I also had a good writing streak AND heard back from my editors, so I have another episode of YYHB! ^_^ BUT first, I'm gonna share pictures!

Pretty believable aren't I?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

'Family Photo' with Sonny "Maes Huges" Strait
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My friends and I with Vic
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

See! I gotta dance with him!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Rose and Kurama fighting over the Rose Whip!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

YuYu Hakusho PhotoShoot!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Female Kuramas all around the masqurade!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
(Yes for the masqurade, the Kurama cosplayer claimed she was a girl version of Kurama ^^)

I found another Yusuke and a Stud Muffin Form Koenma the next day when the rest of us were dressed differently
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I got a blue wig so before Halloween I did a Botan for a trunk-or-treat. Someone recognized my character <3 yay! After I had to photoshop~
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My Rose outfit photoshoot before Banzai
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Day of Halloween I took my sister trick or treating and threw on the wig, carried my Rose Whip, and wore a Renaissance dress so where I was a Spoiler at the con, I was a Filler (you know those extra sketches in manga) for Halloween. For AKon, I joked with my friend we should go as an army of Mary Sues XD

I guess you guys are special enough for me to show my emoticons off here! ^^
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Plus a stamp I made at my friend's request, feel free to take and spread around ^^
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Now the long awaited moment of more story! {if I haven't overloaded you yet XD}

YYH Beyond: Episode 16: BETRAYAL
{Previously: Previously Kurama was greeted with a bullet to the chest in which Midori sacrificed her health to heal. Summoned by mysterious notes, the gang soon gathered at Kurama’s home to find a new threat to the world. They set out for the Foliage Fortress in attempts to divert this threat and were ambushed by none other than the kids of the first spirit detective. Joining forces, they enter the fortress together but what awaits them and why were they forewarned of this impending danger?

[Kaisei and Fubuki lead Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Hiei through hallways composed of plants. Occasionally hands extend to push aside protruding limbs.]

Kaisei: Let’s see, we should make a right here.

[The group rounds the corner.]

Yusuke: [muttering] Hey Hiei, do you think Kurama is keeping close by, or scouting up ahead to make sure these brats don’t steer us the wrong way?

Hiei: It is hard to tell while his presence is masked. Judging the correct way is also hard since this labyrinth is alive.

[A vine makes a rattling noise as it rises up and over Kuwabara’s shoulder. Kuwabara looks over at it and his face turns blue.]

Kuwabara: [gulp] Oh, geeze! This place is creepy!

[Kuwabara rips the vine off and stomps on it. The vine slithers back to its root and reattaches itself. A bunch of vines also start rattling and coming away from the wall towards the gang.]

Fubuki: You better hurry up guys or we’ll leave you behind!

Hiei: [to Kuwabara] Keep going, don’t let them distract you.

[Yusuke and Hiei pass Kuwabara. Eyeing the rattling vines, Kuwabara bypasses the bunch. The vines slither along the walls and ground, following the group.]

Kuwabara: Yeah, easy for you to say. I bet if we had a torch, these demon plants would open a path right to the center for us. [falling] Ack!

[Yusuke and Hiei turn to face Kuwabara.]

Yusuke: Wow, Kuwabara. Getting so old you forget how to walk?

Kuwabara: No, I was tripped!

Yusuke: [sarcastic] Yeah, sure.

Hiei: If you’re going to make up an excuse, make it a good one.

[Hiei and Yusuke keep walking. Kuwabara looks back to find a vine wrapped around his ankle. Another vine slithers by to wind up Yusuke’s leg, causing him to fall as well.]

Yusuke: [falling] Hey-AH!

[Yusuke rises to his knees. The rattling noise increases as more vines emerge to wind themselves around Kuwabara and tie him to the floor. More drag Yusuke towards a wall. Some vines from the opposing wall fight their way around Hiei. All three grunt as they struggle to get out of the tangled plants.]

Kaisei: [calling] Hurry up! We’re not waiting for you any longer!

Fubuki: [calling back] Seriously, you old geezers are so slow!

Yusuke: Stupid kiddie brats! We’re not old! Just [struggling] tied up at the moment.

* * *

[The gang’s struggling can be seen on a screen in Koenma’s office.]

Koenma: [thoughtfully] Old geezer? [pleasantly] Ha, take that Yusuke! Serves you right for all the times you called me a toddler!

George: Uh, sir? Shouldn’t you be more worried about the vines?

Koenma: The vines aren’t the ones being called names.

George: But they’re trapping the guys.

Koenma: Take a chill pill, Ogre. You should know by now that something simple like that won’t keep our boys down.

[George looks down to see Koenma’s feet knocking nervously under his desk.]

George: [sarcastically] You’re confidence is reassuring, sir.

* * *

[The vines continually wrap around Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Hiei as they struggle to break free.]

Yusuke: What is with these vines? Every one I tear out, ten more take its place!

Kuwabara: Perhaps it is because we’re struggling? If we relax, maybe they’ll stop.

Hiei: Just give up and let them choke us to death? I’ll pass.

Kuwabara: I’m serious guys! It’s like a Chinese finger trap puzzle. The more you struggle to get out the more of a strain you put on yourself. Naturally one defends when attacked. So intruders will be caught, while the person knowing the secret can easily get out.

Hiei: And what makes you so sure these weeds are one of those puzzles?

Kuwabara: I got a feeling, okay? Trust me.

Yusuke: Sure, Kuwabara, you first. If the plants don’t eat you alive, we’ll know it works.

Kuwabara: Why do I hafta be the guinea pig?

Yusuke: ‘Cause it’s your idea!

Kuwabara: We should do it together as a team. Your movements are tensing up the vines over here!

Yusuke: Well I’m sorry. I can’t seem to relax when my personal space is being invaded by hissing vines that are trying to choke me!

Kuwabara: Just take a deep breath. If that doesn’t work, I’ll sing a lullaby.

Hiei: For sanity’s sake, don’t.

[Kuwabara stops struggling, takes a deep breath, and closes his eyes. Yusuke and Hiei clench their mouths as they refrain from fighting against the vines. More vines wrap around them, pulling each closer to the wall or floor that the vines are pulling from. Kuwabara exhales calmly as the vines pull him through the floor.]


[Kuwabara disappears as the vines on the ground stop moving.]

Hiei: The fool is gone.

[Yusuke and Hiei resume their attempts to push the vines back. Yusuke begins to power up, using his energy to push them back, but the vines pull him through the wall and Hiei through the opposing wall. The hallway is still.]

* * *

[Koenma and George blankly stare at the scene shown on the screen.]

George: I thought you said our boys could handle it.

Koenma: [sweating] Well, they could have. They must not have used their resources properly.

George: Why didn’t the detectives go back and save them?

Koenma: Their prudent desire to not be slowed down blinded them to the danger the others were in.

George: Should we check on them? Maybe they don’t realize the others are no longer following?

Koenma: If silence doesn’t tip them off first. Oh, well, I guess they’re on their own now.

[Koenma searches for his remote and pulls it out. He pushes a button. The screen goes blank.]

George: But if someone experienced like Yusuke didn’t make it through, how can you expect them to?

Koenma: We’ll just have to trust them. [looks at screen, pushes button again] Come in! [pushes the button again hard] I said come in! [continuously pushing the button] Come in! Come in! Come in! Come in! Come in!

George: Uh, Koenma sir, what are you doing?

Koenma: [irate] I can’t get a lock on the detectives!

George: Do you think that could be because of whatever is covering up that mysterious power is now covering them up too?

Koenma: That’s nonsense! Power and screening are two different things. A spiritual storm must be interfering with the reception! I knew we should have switched to digital.

George: Maybe we should check other stations to see if they’re coming in?

Koenma: [brooding] Hm…

* * *

[Kaisei and Fubuki continue up the path in the plant-filled labyrinth.]

Kaisei: We’re almost there!

Fubuki: We’re making pretty good time without those dummies slowing us down.

Kaisei: We’ll have this case closed before those dummies even catch up!

[The detectives laugh. A shadowy cloaked figure appears in front of them. They look at it seriously.]

Cloaked Figure: I see you made it past the rattlesnake vines. How unfortunate for you.


[Kuwabara falls into a room filled with vegetation.]

Kuwabara: Ow. Eh. Well, I’m still alive. [looks around, calling out] Hey guys, are you around? [no answer; starts walking] Told them that the bad guy probably wanted to split us up…[passes some demon berries growing on a wall and his tummy grumbles] Oh, man! I haven’t eaten since breakfast! I bet Kurama would know if this stuff is edible for humans. [keeps walking] After all, there are some pretty dangerous plants out there. I bet all these demon ones are ten times worse! [bends over a bush in the middle of the path] Leaves of three, let it be! I should stay away from that stuff. [sees berries that resemble small grapes nearby and tummy lets out a loud grumble, shouts] I am so hungry!

[Some bushes rustle to the side. Kuwabara turns his head and catches some movement.]

Kuwabara: Huh? Hey, is that you Kurama? I mean, I’m glad to have someone else around, but you know I can see you, right?

[Kurama comes out of the bushes and walks up to Kuwabara.]

Kurama: Oh, sorry. I suppose I was distracted.

Kuwabara: Really? By what?

Kurama: Nothing of real consequence. I couldn’t help but overhear you talking to yourself; if you’re hungry, I know of some human safe food nearby. Come this way.

[Kurama leads Kuwabara around plants.]

Kuwabara: Oh good, you’re a lifesaver! After I settle my stomach, we can focus on regrouping.

Kurama: An excellent idea.

Kuwabara: And then we’ll find our way to the center of this.

Kurama: That should be the easy task.

Kuwabara: Really? You mean you figured out how to navigate through here?

Kurama: Naturally. The trick is simple once you realize it.

Kuwabara: Awesome! We’ll be home in time for dinner!

[Kurama stops. Kuwabara also stops. Kurama waves a hand towards some vegetation at their feet.]

Kurama: Here we are.

Kuwabara: Sweet! [looks down] Uh, what is it?

Kurama: Kohlrabi. It is a human hybrid vegetable, kind of like a cabbage. The stem is edible, and it’s high in vitamin C.

Kuwabara: Nutritious, huh? I hope it tastes just as good. Good thing I ran into you.

[Kuwabara bends down to pick the kohlrabi. Kurama’s eyes twinkle and giant leaves grow and wrap up Kuwabara.]

Kuwabara: HEY, WHAT GIVES? Kurama! Get me out of this!

[Kurama chuckles and brings a closed hand out of his pocket.]

Kurama: I’m sorry, it may be easier if you were unconscious from this point out; but don’t worry. I’ll get you to the center where you want to be. And the others should join you shortly.

[Kurama opens his hand and blows pollen towards Kuwabara. Kuwabara starts to look sleepy.]

Kuwabara: What…are you…do-…

[Kuwabara blinks his eyes then slowly closes them as the scene blurs and fades out.]

* * *

[The shadowy cloaked figure that confronted Kaisei and Fubuki travels down an earthy corridor. Kaisei and Fubuki are tied up, swinging on either side from the cords supported around the cloaked figure’s shoulders. The figure enters a dark stony room, and another cloaked figure turns to acknowledge the arrival.]

Cloaked Figure: Master, I caught these two children prowling around the fortress.

Cloaked Master: [deep feminine voice] Such a shame.

Cloaked Figure: What shall I do with them?

Kaisei: Excuse me! Don’t talk about us like we’re not here! You should let us go and then we’ll show you who’s boss around here!

Fubuki: Yeah! You wouldn’t have caught us if we knew about that sleazy trick of yours!

Cloaked Master: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Ignorant children.

Kaisei: This is your only warning. Stop your mischief and let us go, or face the consequences!

Cloaked Master: Pity. [addressing the detectives] You two weren’t supposed to be here.

Kaisei: Wha-

Cloaked Master: This party was by invitation only. [addressing the cloaked figure] Oh well, M7, I guess we’ll have to make arrangements. Set them in the corner.

M7: Yes, master.

[The Cloaked Master raises her right hand towards the corner; One finger bears an emerald ring that has a glowing, rose-shaped ruby attached. M7 walks over, the cords around his shoulders drop Kaisei and Fubuki, and then he steps back. The Cloaked Master flicks her hand up, and bamboo chutes shoot from the ground to cage the detectives.]

Cloaked Master: I’ll use resources here to deal with these two. Now go to the canyon; we’ve already lost enough time as it is.

M7: Yes master.

Cloaked Master: I hope we don’t have any more surprise visitors.

* * *

[Koenma sits back in his office chair with his hands folded across his stomach.]

Koenma: [sighing] Ayame, has the analysis come back yet about that energy?

[Ayame appears through the wall, carrying a clipboard of data sheets.]

Ayame: None yet, sir. All the possibilities of it being a threat come out as negative when run in the scenarios.

Koenma: So this must be a new form of energy that is being stored and hidden.

Ayame: There are still some more tests to run.

Koenma: Well, keep it going and try to figure out what it is. We can’t counter it if we don’t know at least that much!

Ayame: Yes, sir.

[Ayame bows and exits through the wall.]

Koenma: [calling out] And get someone to check on the viewer’s reception. What am I suppose to do about this if I can’t see what’s going on?

George: Perhaps all the paperwork that has been piling up?

Koenma: How can you think of that mundane stuff at a time like this?! If we don’t get this crisis solved, we’ll have paperwork to keep us busy for the next forty thousand years!

George: Whoa! Really that much?

Koenma: That’s what I said.

George: This is really serious.

Koenma: Of course it is! Now go check on the antenna!

* * *

[The Cloaked Master has her hands raised to the corner where the detectives were placed, which now has plants weaved into a tight surface around the area. Kurama enters, dragging a rolled up Kuwabara.]

Kurama: I have one of them.

[The Cloaked Master waves her right hand as the ruby rose of her ring glows.]

Cloaked Master: About time plans started falling into place. Hook him up to the Energy Extractor and set it to maximum. His energy should make a useful contribution to our Death Beam.

[Kurama crosses with Kuwabara, but stops while passing the Cloaked Master.]

Kurama: [whispers] Seeing me didn’t surprise him, master.

Cloaked Figure: Is that so? That can only mean one thing. He will certainly cause a problem for us. No matter, we must work harder. For now only time will be on our side.

Kurama: Yes, master.

[Kurama continues walking. The Cloaked Master turns, and Kurama stops.]

Cloaked Master: Actually, have the Energy Extractor a few notches below maximum so we can keep this one alive for a bit.

Kurama: As you say.

[Kurama resumes walking. Freeze frame.]

Narrator: Entered as a group, but now split apart. Divide and conquer works against our heroes as an ally has defected to the terrorist power. But by what motive does the foe operate, and who will prevail in the end?

“Hey it’s Yusuke here. So doofus-brain fell for the oldest trick in the book; what are they teaching him at that university he’s going to? Well, while Kuwabara’s wasted, I’m in a wasteland of my own but at least I don’t have to hike it! And Kurama? What’s his deal? If you ever wondered what it would be like if the two of us fought: yeah, sit tight because next time you’ll get to find out. I mean, I’m curious too, but couldn’t he have picked a better time to try his skills against mine? Take away the time constraint, and we’d have a pretty sweet fight on our hands. So take advantage of this and tune in to see what happens next time on YuYu Hakusho Beyond!”

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