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Friday, October 10, 2008

   I'm greatful for General Conference
True dat! I received some personal inspiration about what order to work on some shtuff {amvs for Banzaii, Botan lines for the Eizou dub, and then mixing the two radioplays done} and following such has already paid off! ^o^ {and that is just the tip of the iceberg!}

Yes it's been a while, still what have I not mentioned here that is of concern yet? Did I mention the 2nd episode of DBZ2 was out that I play Chi-Chi in? I'd do a lot of it different, but it also is quite captivating (as I've just finished recording for ep 3, so I got one up on ya) so if you're a Dragonball fan you may want to check that out.

I know I definently want to share this~ "This is my Idea" from Swan Princess I got to be Bromely in and it just came out, the nice thing about this is someone put thier comment to me in ALL CAPS in the midst of comments to all the cast about how could I be a girl. And also said my Bromley was too perfect for my own good ^^ so yay! I made a convincing male XD
~Thread and Cast~

I had a few cute experiences w/ my kitties, one I caught on camera, and I'm debating should I put it up on youtube or not XD

The ART CONTEST for YYHB! SAGA I has been decided and Judges so RESULTS ARE HERE

FINALLY~Heard back from all my editors on the begining to YYHB! SAGA II so I get to post that now! ^.^


[Morning time at Kuramaís apartment. In the bedroom Midori is lying in bed and Kurama leans over her kiss her forehead.]

Kurama: Now Iíve got plenty of fluids and some food right here if you need anything. Please promise you wonít sneak out of bed again today. Itís not healthy for you or the baby.

Midori: Okay, dear, I wonít.

Kurama: When the doctor prescribes bed rest you need to stay in bed and rest.

Midori: Iíll be fine. Have a good day at work.

Kurama: I will, hon.

[Kurama makes his way to the front door grabbing his briefcase and overcoat. There is a knock at the door. Kurama opens the door to answer. A gun is fired.]

* * *

[Back in the bedroom, Midori hears a gunshot. She sits up, which causes her immense pain. She rolls onto the floor crawls out to the hallway, and braces herself against the wall as she heads to the living room step by step. Turning the corner to see the front door, she sees Kurama lying by the open door with a gunshot wound in his chest. She picks up the nearby phone and presses a speed dial button. She waits a short while for it to pick up.]

Midori: Hello? Mr. Hatanaka? YesÖthis is Midori. Iím afraid Suichi will be unable to come to work todayÖNo, you donít need to worry mother about it. [dial tone is heard] Hello? Shoot! [hangs up phone, picks it up and dials again] Yukina? ...This is Midori, can you come over quickly? Something just happened to Kurama, itís an emergency! [drops phone and falls on the floor] Ow!

Kurama: [eyes closed and teeth clenched] What are you doing? You need to stay in bed!

[Midori starts to crawl over to Kurama.]

Midori: How do you expect me to stay in bed after hearing a gun?

Kurama: But your healthÖ

[Midori reaches Kurama and props up over him and positions her hands over the hole in his chest.]

Midori: Donít forget your own!

Kurama: You didnít need to call father.

Midori: Heís your boss.

Kurama: But now he is coming over, isnít he?

Midori: I would presume so.

Kurama: He will be unable to understand that I can recover quickly and inform mother.

Midori: We can explain to him.

Kurama: I may have to erase his memory.

Midori: That would be terrible, please donít. Perhaps it is time to tell him the truth.

Kurama: Then heíll tell mother, and how do you think sheíll react?

[A bullet emerges from Kuramaís wound.]

Midori: Got it!

Kurama: [covered in sweat] Thank you. Now go back to bed. I can handle it from here.

Midori: Hold onÖthere is something wrapped around the bulletÖ[unwraps the paper] Itís a note andÖ [rubs finger on it and inspects finger] Oh no! [drops paper and ferociously casts healing spells on Kurama] This is amalgam polycarbonate; if any of it is absorbed in your bloodstream, it will kill you!

Kurama: That would explain the onset of dizziness, but if you continue exerting yourself, you will die also!

Midori: NoÖI must. You canít dieÖ

* * *

[Feet are running up apartment building stairs. The feet turn a corner on a landing and run down the hall. The feet stop in front of an open doorway. The camera shot backs up to show Mr. Hatanaka as the owner of the feet as he turns to see Midori healing Kurama on the ground inside the apartment.]

Hatanaka: I got here as quick as I could, [sees the scene] OH NO! What happened? Have you called for help yet?

Midori: [wearily] Yes, itís on its way.

[Yukina appears in the doorway. Midori sees her and passes out on top of Kurama.]

Kurama: Midori? NO!

* * *

[Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Hiei stand around in Kuramaís living room, Midori lies on a couch with Mr. Hatanaka sitting nearby. Yukina is working on healing Kurama on the floor. Yusuke is looking at a note.]

Yusuke: [reading] To Yusuke, Kuwabara, and HieióYou are invited to front row seats for the end of the world. If you do not wish to meet the same fate as Kurama, you will come to the inscribed location of the Foliage Fortress and see if you can change your fate. Be prompt for time is short. Destruction begins Ďfore the new moon.

Kuwabara: Is this some sort of sick joke?

Yusuke: Well if it is, Iím not laughing. The world is at stake and theyíre asking for us of all people to show up and kick their butts.

Hiei: Yes. But why invite us? And why target Kurama?

[Midori groans and tries to sit up.]

Yusuke: Hey take it easy.

[Midori relaxes with a sigh.]

Midori: Sorry. I feel rude trying to talk to you lying down. [breaths] It seems the opponent sees your group as an obstacle for their objective. Apparently this foe has a plan to defeat everyone but Kurama. Thatís why they stooped so low as a bullet. The poison powder his body absorbed would have killed him if I stayed in bed like I was supposed to.

[Kurama forces himself to sit up with a grunt.]

Kurama: Unless they knew you would go beyond your capacity in order to save me, meaning you are in more danger at the moment than I am.

Yusuke: So Kurama, you got an old jealous girlfriend pulling the strings on this or something?

Kurama: [shakes head] None this powerful.

Midori: If that were the plan, it was easily thwarted by a working phone between the bedroom and the front door. Amalgam polycarbonate does not come by easily, much less to amateurs. Doesnít the note emit a demon aura? Demons understand little about the power of the human heart and would consider me, being bedridden, not an obstacle. Besides Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Hiei all discovered notes around the same time telling them to come here, which, judging by the wording, was probably after the anticipated time of your death. They will now consider you dead. So going with the others would be a great secret for our side.

[A momentís pause. Kurama tries to say something, but does not have a comeback.]

Yusuke: Iíd never thought Iíd see the fox outfoxed!

Kurama: [nervous light laugh] That is why I married her.

Kuwabara: Well what are we waiting for? Letís go kick some tail!

Kurama: Thank you Yukina. I think Iíll be all right now.

Yukina: Youíre welcome. Iím glad I was able to help.

[Kurama stands up. He walks over to Mr. Hatanaka and Midori while Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Hiei head for the door. Sweating, Mr. Hatanaka is massaging his temples with a look of awe on his face.]

Hatanaka: So the whole world is in danger? And you are able to help stop it? This is overwhelming; I canít believe it!

Kurama: I am sorry that you had to find out the way you did. I never told Mother in order to protect her.

Hatanaka: I suppose [pause] that is understandable.

Midori: Please, you wonít tell her, will you?

Hatanaka: I donít think she would believe me if I did. But what should I tell her?

Kurama: Tell her I had to go out on a mission; perhaps an emergency business trip that only I could handle.

Hatanaka: A decision like that might not bode well, considering Midoriís condition.

Yusuke: [turning] Hey, donít sweat it pops! Iím sure Kayko would be more than happy to keep an eye on Midori while weíre gone.

Kurama: Thank you, Yusuke. [kneels in front of Midori] Forgive me for leaving. Assuredly I would rather not.

Midori: [grunts] You know our childís due date. Just donít miss it.

Kurama: Right, no coming back late this time.

* * *

[Koenma sits at his desk in Spirit World looking at a piece of paper.]

Koenma: HmmÖThis report is quite interesting.

George: What does it say, sir?

[Koenma jumps up and hits George on the head.]

Koenma: That youíre big and stupid!

[George rubs the fresh bump on his head.]

George: Ow! That wasnít very nice, Koenma sir.

Koenma: Well it isnít very nice of you to disrupt my thought process with your blubbering. If you must know, there is a strange spot of energy concentration in the Human World. It is well masked though, so humans and demons canít sense it, except for brief moments when its cover wanes. [yelling over the intercom] Botan! Get in here!

George: So is there something special about this masked energy that we should be alarmed about?

Koenma: I would like to say no. But the fact that it is being hidden probably means something is up. Besides, from the readings of when its cover was down, the energy was growing exponentially without even increasing size. Considering the concentration, if this keeps up, whatever is holding the energy will break and the outburst of energy could do some great damage.

[The office doors slide open and Botan enters.]

Botan: You called, Koenma sir?

Koenma: Yes! I have a case I need you to take to the Spirit Detectives to look into!

Botan: [saluting] Yes sir!


[Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei, and Kurama are walking through a thick forest.]

Yusuke: Wow, the four of us on a mission to save the world. Reminds you of old times doesnít it?

Hiei: Regrettably.

Kuwabara: So Kurama, did you get a good look at who shot you?

Kurama: Unfortunately no. The executor was concealed in a cloak.

Yusuke: Well if they intended to kill you, why would they need to hide their identity?

Kurama: To avoid being identified by surrounding witnesses is one reason that comes to mind.

Kuwabara: Whoever it was, I guess weíll know soon enough and make them regret it!

Hiei: Letís hope your strength is as strong as your voice.

Kuwabara: Youíll see half-pint! Later youíll be glad Iím along because weíre going to need all the help we can get! And in case you didnít see me in action back with the Zerka thing Iíll have you know Iíve gotten a lot stronger too! And I was holding back on those poor demons! Speaking of that, Hiei, whereís your little Puu Junior?

Hiei: If you insist on comparing Ryone to Yusukeís spirit beast, you should be asking him where HIS animal is.

Kuwabara: You left him at Genkaiís compound? Or [laughing tease] did you leave him with your girlfriend?

Hiei: You better shut your mouth before you shove your foot in it.

[The group enters a small clearing. In front is a vine-covered archway with a towering plateau covered in vegetation rising behind it. Kurama places his hand near the roots of the vines. He closes his eyes for a moment then looks to the others.]

Kurama: The Foliage Fortress may end up being a Maze Castle reprise. There is a primary plant along the whole way up the plateau forming a network, but there are also many demon varieties of plant mixed in. So it is hard to judge the correct path through. I judge, though, that where we need to be is in the center, about two-thirds of the way up.

Yusuke: AH! Stupid maze! We donít have time for this!

Hiei: I am sure we could each hold our own if we were to split up.

Kuwabara: Hang on. Thatís probably just what the bad guy wants us to do.

Kurama: Heís right. However with the time issue at hand, we have but little choice.

Yusuke: Well, canít you manipulate these plants into a straight path for us or something?

Kurama: It is best I keep my presence masked from this point on.

Hiei: Stripping us of that advantage is probably why you were targeted. Indeed, it has already benefited them more than enough.

Kuwabara: [eyes narrow] And since they invited us, they are sure to know we are coming.

Kurama: It is obvious they want us here rather than going naively about our lives, so the labyrinth should not have been constructed as too difficult.

Yusuke: [shouts] Weíre wasting precious time! We should at least start moving before the whole world is destroyed! [calm but stern] I say we split up and the first one to reach the fortress should make a big explosion so we can regroup. Itís not like we have the element of surprise on our side anyway.

[Yusuke and Kuwabara start marching into the archway. Hiei looks at Kurama.]

Hiei: Kurama. They must have been tracking all of us to orchestrate the timing of us finding our notes at a specific time. If they are still keeping tabs, they may already know you survived.

Kurama: Then weíll take the chance that they donít know. Otherwise if Midori was correct that a silver bullet was the only way they could dispose of me, we should expect a frontal assault soon.

[Overhanging tree branches rustle. The guys stop and look up. One set of rustling circles around them clockwise while the other goes counterclockwise. The branches are being jumped off of as quickly as being landed upon. The guys follow along the different movements as the two paths continue circling around.]

Yusuke: You just had to say something, didnít you Kurama?

[To the side, a girl, age 14, somersaults out of the trees while from the other side a boy, age 15, emerges likewise. They cross and land in front of the guys. They pull their hands back gathering spirit energy into balls and are ready to fire.]


Yusuke: Hey wait a minute! Ainít you guys Kurokoís kids?

[Shocked, the kids unpower their energy blast.]

Girl: You know our mom?

Kuwabara: So you know these kiddie clowns Urameshi? Mind introducing them to the rest of us?

Boy: No need for that!

Girl: We can make our own introductions!

[The camera spins around the children as they introduce themselves.]

Boy: I am Kaisei Sanada!

Girl: And I am Fubuki Sanada!

Kaisei and Fubuki: And weíreÖ [pose, camera still shot] the Super Spirit Detectives!

Yusuke: You both are the new Spirit Detectives? Wow, you two sure have grown. Last I saw you, you were still in diapers!

Kaisei: No I wasnít!

Fubuki: Only at night!

Yusuke: Okay, okay. It was a joke, geeze. So what brings you guys all the way out here?

Kaisei: Koenma sent us.

Fubuki: Duh! Weíve been Spirit Detectives for a while now.

Kaisei: Got to save the world and all that.

Kuwabara: I suppose times have been more peaceful lately.

Kaisei: Hey! Whatís that suppose to mean?

Yusuke: Thatís true. But that means old pacifier-breath is watching us right now. Oh well, Iím sure we could use the help.

Hiei: And I thought I was done babysitting.

* * *

[Koenma is watching the scene from his office in Spirit World.]

Koenma: Ooh, I donít know if I should be repulsed that I have to put up with Yusukeís abusive jokes again or relieved that the old team is looking into matters too.

George: Overall, shouldnít it be a good thing? Theyíll be able to help handle that mysterious energy. And besides, Yusuke used to be a spirit detective so he could train the kids as they go through this mission.

Koenma: Yes, having Yusuke help without him realizing it would be a bonus; but that is only if Kaisei and Fubuki listen to him. Those two have cocky, prideful attitudes that can rival even his.

George: So remind me again why you chose both of them to be spirit detectives when you canít stand their arrogance?

Koenma: [thoughtful] I could not overlook the amazing skills that they inherited from their mother and they work extremely well as a team.

George: HmÖ

Koenma: GrrrÖ [baby bawling] And they both were so determined to take Yusukeís place after we fired him, [crying] I couldnít refuse.

George: Oh, is that how it is?

Koenma: [firm] Yes. Thatís how it is. [sips hot cocoa]

* * *

[Back by the entrance to the foliage fortress.]

Yusuke: Okay, so everyone do your best and when you make it through, blow something up so we can regroup.

Kaisei: You guys were seriously thinking about splitting up?

Fubuki: WE donít have a problem getting through! We can maneuver through places like this easily!

Kaisei: Just follow us!

Yusuke: [sarcastic grumble] Great. Then lead the way.

Narrator: So spirit detectives old and new enter the mysterious Foliage Fortress. What lies in store to greet their anticipated arrival?

ďHey itís Kuwabara! So we had a bit of excitement but now weíre ready to show these jokers we mean business! Weíll make them regret inviting us to their party of doomÖthat is if they donít make us regret it first. Whoa! Hey how did that happen? Maybe Midori was right that they had a plan to get rid of each of us. Or is this just a hoax to blind us to some awful truth? And whoís in charge of the shots being shown here? Theyíre making me look stupid! Find out about our invitations and why they chose us. Not to mention a couple of unexpected struggles next time on YYH Beyond!Ē

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