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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

   I'm greatful for opportunities! :3
OH MY GOSH!!! Sonny Strait is going to be at the convention I'm going to...I'M TOTALLY GOING TO COSPLAY AS GRACIA AND GIVE BIRTH TO A FRAGGLE IN FRONT OF HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll have to remember to bring my FMA poster for all the guest to sign since they were all in FMA!

This gives me a running total of 3 outfits so far o.O ~ pregnant Gracia to meet the VAs, Misako for the anime dating game (I want Sonny to see that one too!), and A sPoIlEr OC for the masqurade! ...and I still need to get my AMVs in for the contest! O.O I'm for sure sending in Eyes Rutherford is the Piano Man, Be a Dark Tournament Man, and Kurama Grows the Roses...now with all my mixing, and WMM not working, I probably won't get my big surprise vid done by then ToT

Okay, do I have the fangirl convention stuff out of me yet??? hmm... *tries to get it out* OUT I SAY! *breaths* okay then...on to the kitties! Did I mention that? I got two little kitties last week! They're siblings, I wanted to call the boy, a black tabby, Neko-chan because he looks like a neko :3 and my sister wanted to call the girl, a white siamese, Icey. My other sister said she refused to have the cats have forien names and said the boy's name was T because Neko is a weird name. I'm like "We don't drink tea." Brother says "and your name isn't weird?" She says "T for Tiger" The boy ran away day one and was very fiesty about not coming back. We had to get his sister meow-ing trying to get him back (which didn't really work, but we finally got him back) And I'm all like, It's Hiei and Yukina! We should call them Black Night and Ice Gem!!! Sister still refused >.> T for Tiger (but he's black and gray, not orange or white and his stripe go in a different direction!) Well, it turns out I'm the only one not allergic to them, so they're my cats XD And I call them Neko and Icey (Icey is short for Ice Gem XD)! The boy wouldn't come out of the kennel for a long time after letting them out but Icey loves running about and playing and being pampered...so their personalities aren't exactly like the demon twins. But I still love my pretty kitties! I'm going to base some future characters off of them!

*breaths some more*

Ready for this? THE EPIC CONCLUSION OF SAGA I of YYHB! I'll be submitting the 'box set' as FanWords too so it will all be together on my castle World, and hopefully a week or so (because it's long, 125 pages in Word...but they wanted FanWords that can stand alone) it will show up as a FanWord!!! :D

{I still want to know why FanComics don't have to be completed but FanWords do >.>}

YYH Beyond: Episode 14 : BATTLE OF LIFE
{Previously: Last time Modaruk confronted Yusuke, Hiei and Kurama about their stand on the situation between his clan and Zerka. Hesitant, they agreed for the time being. Modarukís brother, Sotaruk, freed Draconta and with the Dragon Clan, attacked Zerka while they were in the middle of an important meeting. A full battle is under way and Zerk just shot down the Dragon Clanís beacon of hope. Can Zerk and his followers be taken care of? And if so, what will be done about the Dragon Clan?}

[Kokou and Enki arrive a distance from the battle scene with their friends as well as Mukuro, Kuwabara, and others. There is a huge mass of Draconta besides the combating legions.]

Enki: It seems the battle has already started.

Kokou: Well, should we just watch and see how it plays out?

Kuwabara: No way! I say we go show them what weíre made of!

* * *

[Modaruk stares at the fallen Draconta for a moment before turning to Zerk, full of new rage. He runs towards him.]


[This time Modarukís punch connects with Zerk, burning a hole in his clothes, and bruising his stomach. Zerk is pushed back, but looks up with a smile on his face.]

Zerk: [calm] I took out your idol so easily. What hope do you have of defeating me?

[Zerk positions his hands parallel to each other and spins in a circle, grunting as his hands cross in front of Modaruk. A slicing noise is heard even though Zerkís hands were a few feet from Modaruk. Modarukís eyes grow big and he falls down, hands clenching his torn chest. Zerk grabís Modaruk by the scalp and pulls him up.]

Zerk: In the end, you really are just weak. You donít deserve to live.

Modaruk: [in pain but determined] The one who doesnít deserve to live is you!

Zerk: Pray tell, what is your reasoning for that?

Modaruk: Because you destroy lives.

Zerk: And what about you? You aim to destroy mine. You are no better than I.

Modaruk: [energized] Donít lump me in with you!

[Modaruk swings another power packed punch to Zerkís jaw, causing him to let go and take a few steps back. The prominent figures are allowing Yusuke, Hiei, and Kurama little time to worry about Draconta while they earnestly continue their fights. A moan can be heard from Draconta. Kurama pulls out some ice blades from his shoulder and cast them aside and springs backwards to avoid another onslaught.]

Kurama: Forgive my abrupt departure, but I think Iím needed elsewhere right now.

[Kurama bounds away. Marduk appears from behind the Prominent Figure]

Prominent Figure #1: Coward!

Marduk: Please, allow me to cut in. Your ice blades will find it more of a challenge to pierce me.

[Marduk starts fighting the Prominent Figure. Kurama reaches the heads of Draconta, where Sotaruk is carrying the Mermaid down from a head. Draconta moans.]

Kurama: I have some healing herbs on me; I may be able to help Draconta.

Sotaruk: Thank you.

[Sotaruk sets the Mermaid down. Draconta lets out another moan. Kurama pulls out a seed and holds it against Draconta, emitting energy.]

Kurama: Hold on there.

[Sotaruk assumes his position against Draconta with his tattoos touching. The Mermaid also places a dragon-tattooed hand to aid in the healing. In the war-zone, Ossaplam swings the small dragon tooth he got earlier at an opposing Dragon Clan member. He trips in one of the swoops and ends up planting the tooth into the ground. The tooth dissolves and humanoid mud forms sprout up from the ground.]

Ossaplam: So this is what my treasure is capable of? With this unlimited army, Zerka is sure to win!

Enki: Wanna bet?

[Kokouís group arrives, swarming through the battle. Enki swoops down at Ossaplam, but his blows are dodged a few times before he is taken down. Kuwabara is tearing down the humanoids with his sword; Jin is deflecting attacks back onto their users; Touya spread ice among the opponents; Chu is head butting his way through; Rinku is throwing yoyos every which way; Kokou is punching and kicking Zerka members; Mukuro is slicing her way through. The fresh fighters press on, all turning the tide back to the Dragon Clanís favor. Near the front, Yusuke slugs the Prominent Figure he is fighting.]

Yusuke: No wonder you tried to get rid of Kuramaís siblings. Your strength and skills are nothing compared to them. The only thing you have on them is numbers.

Prominent Figure #3: Oh you really think so? EXPLOSION BLAST!

[The Prominent Figure hits and rocks fly up everywhere. He senses Yusuke coming down from above.]

Prominent Figure #3: Gotcha! Huh?

[Clearing from the dust is a rock with a silly face drawn on it that the Prominent Figure ends up hitting. From behind, Yusuke powers up with his real attack.]


[The Prominent Figure is finished. Zerkís and Modarukís fight come closer to Yusuke. He spots the Initiatory Demon sneaking up behind Modaruk. But before he can do anything, Gavarian grabs him from behind.]

Gavarian: You had a fancy disguise, but what did I tell you before about minding your position in the Order?

[The Initiatory Demon is ready to strike Modaruk when Risho pounds him with gravel covered fist from behind.]

Risho: Donít worry about this guy, Iíll make sure heís grounded.

Modaruk: Heh, Thanks.

Yusuke: What? You mean all this time youíre on our side?

Gavarian: Iíd appreciate it if you would pay attention when Iím talking to you!

[Gavarian bites down onto Yusukeís Shoulder.]

Yusuke: Ow. Hungry? Gavarian gravy sounds good to me!

[Yusuke flips Gavarian over him onto the floor and starts punching him rapidly. Hiei keeps using his arm to deflect blows from his opponentís ivory club.]

Hiei: Why even bother with those weaker than you? They pose no threat.

Prominent Figure #2: On the contrary, theyíre just pawns for our master plan.

[The Prominent Figure blows Hiei to the side with a big swipe from his club. As Kurama, Sotaruk and the Mermaid are healing Draconta, the dragon moans an inaudible phrase.]

Kurama: Please say that again.

Draconta: [weak growl] My babies.

Kurama: Babies?

Sotaruk: Oh. Draconta was caring for eggs before our clan was raided.

Draconta: [low, airy] With energy limited in the barrier, they have not been able to hatch yet. Please check if they are okay.

Sotaruk: [pointing to the Mermaid] Go see if the eggs are okay. Iím going to give my brother some backup against Zerk.

[Zerk blows Modaruk back with another graceful attack. Suddenly, Sotaruk lands with a power-packed punch to the back of Zerkís neck.]

Sotaruk: Rest up a bit Modaruk, Iíll handle Zerk until youíre ready.

Modaruk: Right. Thanks.

[Zerk turns to Sotaruk with a hand rubbing the back of his neck.]

Zerk: [calm] It appears to be a survivor of an ancient race. No matter. In the end it will make little difference whether you died back then or now.


[Sotaruk assumes the fight with Zerk, with continuous punches that are deflected. The Mermaid returns where Kurama is healing Draconta and shakes her head.]

Mermaid: Iím sorry, I found the eggs, but it appears the electric shock fried them all.

Draconta: [soft groan] NoÖ [breathes] They were the last of my kind.

Kurama: [bowed head] Iím sorry.

[At the same time, Hiei is unbandaging his arm.]

Hiei: Iíll give you a taste of real power, if you think you can handle it.

[As his Jagan starts to glow, so does his pocket. He grabs out the gem and holds it in his fist. He runs towards the Prominent Figure, ducks the swoop of the ivory club and jumps up, hitting him with a dark flaming fist. Black smoke streams out of his fist and gather into a solidified coil. A dragon head appears and devours the Prominent Figure. As the dragon is freed from his hand, he looks at his palm to find two shell halves left from his gem. Sotaruk guards against another attack from Zerk, but is still pushed back. On the opposite side of Zerk, Modaruk rises up.]

Modaruk: Iím ready now. LETíS DO THIS!

Sotaruk: [nods] Right.

[Modaruk and Sotaruk extend their tattooed arms towards Zerk.]

Modaruk & Sotaruk: DRAGON VICE!

[Energy connects between their outstretched arms, binding Zerk in the middle.]

Zerk: [struggling, yet still calm] You think you can stop me like this? Ugh, Iíll break free and destroy you all at once.

[Satisfied with beating up Gavarian, Yusuke kicks the body aside and jumps in the air, aiming his finger towards Zerk.]

Yusuke: Hey, let me help you with that! SPIRIT GUN!

Hiei: [turning, determined] And me!

[Hiei thrust his Dragon Fist towards Zerk. His new dragon wraps itself around his arm and opens its mouth, shooting out fire. Yomi, Mukuro, Kokou, Kuwabara, Dragon Clan members and others also aid in focusing their powers towards Zerk after finishing their fights in the battle zone. All the members of Zerka are gone except Zerk.]

Zerk: No. It canít end like this.

[Zerk exerts the remainder of his energy which pushes back the attacks for a short bit, but likewise everyone else increases their outgoing power. It pushes down on Zerk until he is crushed into dust.]


[Surviving members of the Dragon Clan place their tattooed hands on Dracontaís sides, emitting their power. Yusuke, Hiei, Kuwabara, and Kokouís group gather where Kurama has been. Kurama removes his hand from Draconta and smiles at his comrades.]

Kokou: HEY! Raizen Junior! You did a swell job; reminded me of youíre old man there!

Enki: Youíve grown so fast. Raizen would have been proud.

[Yusuke holds out a fist to knock against Enkiís.]

Yusuke: Hey thanks.

[Jin flies in and grabs Yusuke from behind and swings him around.]

Jin: Too-ra-loo! When jía ever learn ta fly loike ya did?

Yusuke: Oh that? I picked up a magic feather and absorbed it. Letís go flying sometime!

Jin: Havin deh wind carry us wereíere it may take us! Sounds right fun it does!

[Hieiís new Dragon goes up to Draconta and sniffs. It then turns around and skittles off to Hiei, crawls up and around his body, making itís way to his arm where it loops itís tale and hangs down, retracting itís arms and legs to give it the appearance of a seahorse. Everyone starts chuckling at the site and breaking out into laughter.]

Yusuke: Oh look! He knows his mommy!

Kurama: Iíd say he even has your eyes, Hiei.

Kuwabara: Well Iíd say the little guy is even cuter than Puu!

Yusuke: Ah, youíre making me miss my spirit beast! So how does it feel to have such a cute appendage?

Hiei: [frustrated] I will kill you all.

Modaruk: It takes one of the Dragon Clan to emit power for a demon dragon egg to feed off of and hatch. Youíre a natural. Join us.

Hiei: [turning] Hn. No thanks.

Kokou: Iím afraid we have some more business to take care of.

Modaruk: Well, thank you for your help. Now the likes of Zerk wonít be devastating any more lives.

Enki: Nor your clan.

Sotaruk: Pardon?

[Sotaruk and Modaruk look around to notice that the others have them surrounded.]

Modaruk: What is the meaning of this?

Yusuke: What does your clan plan to do next?

Sotaruk: Seek to prevent others from being wronged.

Kokou: Well as the ruler of Demon World, I tell you not to.

Enki: We appreciate your good intentions, but if Kokou needs your help for any other real dilemmas, weíll ask you.

Sotaruk: And while you wait for big problems to surface, they will fester beyond your control. It is our responsibility now to prevent that from happening.

Yusuke: If youíre that determined, then weíll just have to take you out now.

[The group closes in around Sotaruk and Modaruk.]

Draconta: [roars] ARGHHH!

[The other Dragon Clan members climb onto Draconta. Draconta stands up and waves itís heads about, over the others on the ground.]

Draconta: I have just been reunited with my children. You shall not take them away!

[One of Dracontaís heads swoops down as if to slam on top of some of Raizenís friends then raises just as quickly with Sotaruk and Modaruk holding onto whiskers. Dracontaís legs push off from the ground.]

Draconta: It may be the remainder of my energy, but I will not let them hurt you.

[Airborne, the Dragon Clan flies off in the distance.]

Hiei: They got away, the fools.

Kurama: I am sure weíll run into them again sooner or later.

Kuwabara: Cowards. Who do you think they will be after next?

Kurama: Hard to say. They may start with big injustices, but if those cannot be found, they may turn to petty crimes with overkill punishment.

Kuwabara: Sounds hefty.

[Yusuke walks up to Kuwabara and throws an arm around his shoulder.]

Yusuke: So itís been a while Kuwabara. Howís life? Made any moves yet on Yukina?

Kuwabara: Thatís not very honorable, Urameshi.

Yusuke: You mean you havenít? Whatís keeping you back?

Kuwabara: The time isnít right. The barrier between humans and demons needs to come downÖ

Yusuke: Stupid, the barrier did come down.

Kuwabara: Not that barrier. There are more walls than just the physical one.

Kurama: [thinking] With Yukina? [realizing] Oh no, Midori! I was supposed to be back some time ago!

[Kurama scurries away.]

Yusuke: [remembering] Oh crap! Kaykoís waiting for me too!

[Yusuke runs away. Hiei looks dumbstruck where Kurama and Yusuke left then closes his eyes and crosses his arms which forces his dragon to crawl up his arm and rests around his shoulders.]

Hiei: What fools humans are! Iíll never be like that.

[Mukuro, who is standing behind Hiei, looks down at him and smiles.]

* * *

[It is dark in Kurama and Midoriís apartment. The front door opens and Midori enters. She reaches for the light switch but flipping it has no effect. She tries a few more times then heads for the circuit breaker. The door closes behind her, significantly dimming the light. A pair of hands grab her from behind, covering here mouth and eyes. The attached arms press and maneuver her to walk into the kitchen.]

Kurama: [whisper] Guess who.

[The hand on the mouth lets go to pick up a lighter and lights candles on the table, illuminating a modest feast. The hand on her eyes brush off her face. Midori breaths deep and slowly while keeping her eyes shut.]

Midori: [under breath] It canít be. Itís too good to be true. Itís been over a month.

Kurama: [quietly] Itís okay, look.

Midori: [under breath] What if youíre not really there?

Kurama: Trust me.

[Midori turns and opens her eyes, facing Kurama. Midori is relieved to tears and Kurama smiles as their arms reach to hold each other.]

Midori: My dearest Suichi! It really is you!

Kurama: Yes dear. Iím home now.

[They embrace and the light from the candles fade the scene out.]

* * *

[Kayko washes dishes while Kazuki is on the floor banging a spoon on a pot.]

Kayko: Oh that Yusuke, heís been gone forever!

Kazuki: [amused babbling] nananah.

Kayko: You really think so? Youíre grandma says so too. [distant] ďYusuke always comes back.Ē [frustrated again] But how much do I have to wait for that guy!

[The front door opens and Yusuke marches in.]

Yusuke: [calling out] Hey honey! Iím home!

[Kayko peeks her head around the corner to see Yusuke.]

Kayko: [quietly] Yusuke? [out loud] YUSUKE!

[Kayko runs to Yusuke with a hug. Kazuki crawls from the kitchen, following, spoon still in hand.]

Kayko: I should tell you no dinner tonight for being away so long.

Yusuke: Aw, but Kayko, I had to save the world.

Kayko: So save it faster next time!

Kazuki: dada dada

[Yusuke lets go of Kayko to pick up Kazuki.]

Yusuke: Hey there short stop! Miss your daddy?

Kayko: That reminds me. Thereís been talk of a new early start education program I would like to get for Kazuki. With background lessons going on in his environment, he would be able to subliminally pick up a lot of knowledge that would give him a head start when he gets to be school age and even enable him to make it into one of the better schools aroundÖ

[Kazuki waves the spoon around, hitting Yusuke with it.]

Kazuki: Dah! Dah! Dah!

Kayko: Önot to mention age appropriate toys that help with the development of early concepts that will fundamentally help learning more advanced theories more easily as well asÖ

[Yusuke hands Kazuki and turns towards the door.]

Kayko: Öensure that heíll be top ofÖHey! Where are you going?

Yusuke: Out to fly with Jin. We can have this conversation when Kazukiís in first grade.

[Yusuke leaves.]


[Yusuke is mischievously and animatedly running down the street with shoulders hunched, puffy cheeks, and hands in pockets.]

ďHowdy from the almighty Koenma! Itís been quite the ride but we finally wrapped things up and managed to save the world again! Life is back to peaceful for now, but donít let that fool you. You know how trouble loves to follow after certain people and before you know it we have another case to handle again! Guns, blasts, and world-threatening dangers are just lurking around the corner! Presences are requested even though obstacles are still set up. Seems as though one of our men has turned traitor, WHAT? Not him of all people? Youíll just have to wait and see, next time on YuYu Hakusho Beyond!Ē

AND REMEMBER! The ART CONTEST Closes October 4th,
now that the whole series has been released!

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