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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

   Ello Luvs
Im sorry I havent been on at like all. See Tiffs in Chemistry and i have a 35% in that =.=' thats cuz i skipped like 2 days cuz Jon asked meh too. also i skipped math which is after chemisty i have math... and i skipped that too so i need to catch up ...ALOT haha

well in one week so far i got 4 diff guys numbers i just met o.o' and one asked me out an hour i just met him LMAO. i said no of course but hey thta takes balls!

two tests tomm for chemistry TT.TT
oh and im in the musical Cats for our school and its been like practice EVERY day after school till like 10 so thats also what iv been up to. Thursday, Fri and all day saturday is when the shows are so i wont be on till maybe late sat. I know i'll be on Sunday tho.

Plus side I have meh manga Be Mine! done!!! *dances* 130pages. not that much but volume one is done!!! woot meaning unlike some pep on theo u'll actually finish volume 1!... sad news for you is it tech doesnt end... in fact it leaves you in a cliff hanger... Big time =.=' my editors attacked meh saying i better make a 2nd or id be seeing the grim reaper soon O.O....TT.TT
but a second book wont come out till i get at least 50 votes. if it doesnt reach 50 votes it wont continue =.=' sry its my policy lovers you all
well talk to you all later! Much love
Thankies for comments!! i appreciate it like a million, i'll comment ur site since u comment mine this weekend!

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