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Sunday, February 17, 2008

   Hey everyone
Thanks so much for your support about my...erm problem -.-'. I appreciate it all thankies *huggles everyone from last post* well Im home.... but my parents arn't talking to meh -.-' guess its for the best. But I'm okay ^.^ not aloud to do much... but my sis came home from college and my parents left this weekend so its just her and I. So i wont be able to get back on again soon but w/e I have the oppertunity I will check in ^.^ Everyone has been so supportive, here and at school. (everyone but Jon -.-') ehh who cares ^.^

tho on thur i made all my friends cupcakes on Vday and i wouldnt give one to Jon. He got so mad that he first tried breaking my box that held the cupcakes then when i walked away he threw a drumstick at my head! It hit and now i have a huge bump the size of a flippin gulfball on meh head -.-''' he's such an ass. he said "Ops i was aiming for ur feet" but elliot stuck up for me and yelled at him. then he looked at me with his cute eyes and asked if i wanted to o to the nurse but i said no. he's such a sweetypie!

well hope u have a wonderful week and thankies again!
Much love
~Yes even the best fall down, but the it's getting back up on your feet even through the hardest of times. :)~

Happy late Vday ^.^'

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