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Friday, January 9, 2009

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I am a mommy of three and a full time employee. I am working hard at getting to where I can stay at home full time. By doing that, I am opening a daycare at my house or taking foster kids. Maybe even both.

I also have a harder job and that is being a wife of a firefighter. I have worries everyday on weather he will be home that night or will I get a visit from the chief in a little red car.

I do have the greatest friends, but no one can have to many of them so I have join The O to meet more people. I am carefree and easy to get along with. I don’t get angry very easily, but I don’t let people walk all over me. I can’t talk much about Anime’s because I don’t know much yet, but Kitabug69 is changing all of that very quickly.

I guess that is all I can say at this point in time come and visit and leave me comments or PM’s with any questions you may have and Please sign my Guestbook if you stop by I will return the favor.

I do have a few rules to my site so Please read them. You will find them posted below my Intro…

Love Ya, Jenn

Rules To My O Site:

#1: You visit me, and I will visit you. You leave a comment, and I will leave a comment. If you update I will be there to comment on your post.

#2: If you sign my guestbook, do not tell me to visit you and that is it. I respond to everyone that signs My Guestbook, it just takes time for me to get around to it. If you add me as a friend, I will add you as a friend.

#3: I would like friends who act as friends, not a hang-on or tag along. If all you care about is getting someone there to comment in your site and that is it or a one-way “relationship,” then find someone else. If you want someone who will be devoted to visiting you then you have came to the right place.

#4: If for any reason you cannot visit or comment on my site, please just PM me. I can be a nice person when problems arise.

#5: All the images on my site, are made by friends (Backgrounds, Wallpapers, Sigs, Icons and Layouts). Some that I might borrow from other sites, if I do this, I give credit, were credit is do. If you feel like you need to take something from my site, please ask me first, and be sure to give credit where it is do if you post it on your Site or some place else.



If you have a Button let me know I would love to add you to my Friends… and feel free to take one of mine…


Date For Post: January 9, 2009

You Wanted To Know!!!

Hey there everyone I'm back for a few days. It has been over a year since I wrote so I will try and make the catch up short.

I had the baby on May 1, 2008 it was a boy. We named him John Carroll after his grandpa's and two of his great grandpa's. He was 7lb 10 oz and 22in. He is now 8 months old and is trying to walk. He refuses to eat baby food he wants what mommy and daddy are having.

The other three boys love having him around and try to help as much as they can.

I now have a site on the new O. Kita hooked me up with that so I am posting over there I need friends there I have two and that isn't much fun. I love the two I have but I miss all of you guys too so if you get a chance go look at it for me!!! Well I nee to run have a wonderful day!!!!

Love Jenn

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