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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day (technically not first day, but whatever) of high school SUUUUUCCCCKKKKEEEDDDD. I have so much homework in pre-calculus tomorrow and I keep forgetting it has to be done TONIGHT. >_< Jenova damn it!!! I'm gonna die this semester!

I can't even comprehend juggling this, let alone getting my costumes done for Anime Detour in time! damn it. I am convinced now that I will be murdered by Pre-calculus. I'm glad it's only 4 classes a day though, but I dunno how I'll manage yet. >_<

Anyway, i got a sewing machine at the State Fair yesterday, which was fucking awesome. I can sew now...once I go pick it up! XD

But yeah, at the current moment life sucks. Hopefully it will cheer up once I get info on Anime Club.

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