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Friday, August 22, 2008

Been A While
Well, I'm typing this from St. Croix where I have spent the last week on a tribute to my mom. I have to say this time around I'm pretty bored. It's nice here and all, but I'm just kinda bored and want to go home at this point. I SAW SQUID THOUGH!!! Holy shit that made my day when i did on Monday. I was snorkeling on the Buck Island reef and there was a line of like four squid! I couldn't take a pic 'cause my lens had fogged (which pissed me off to no end), but it was still awesome and made my day!

...Until I got sunburned. >_<

Anyway, dad and I dived the shallow wrecks and the Swirling Reef of Death here. It was awesome and I got a couple shirts. We also did the hermit crab races at a local bar here. I got two crabs and named them Axel and Roxas. ^_^ They didn't win though.

On the boat over to Buck Island though I met a woman named Dr. Cathy King who apparently runs a podcast thing. It was pretty cool talking to her. She met the ninja from Ask a Ninja! How awesome is that?! I'd do a podcast, but I have like no idea what I'd do it on. I suppose I could do cosplay, but I'm sure there's one out there. Plus I can't explain it through plain speaking, I need examples, lol.

I got a new idea for an Organization XIII vid the other day. Even though others have already made it, I think mine will turn out better. =P I'm doing Organization XIII- Be Prepared. I have Xemnas as Scar and then the other Org. members are the hyenas. lol. I'm about 3/4 done, and I think it's pretty good, but I'm running out of Xemnas clips. >_< Oh well, it shall be up on my YouTube soon enough.

And I really need a new theme. Riku here I come! <3 Speaking of that, I started rewriting my Kingdom Hearts fanfic. So far I'm kinda stuck on chapter 2, but it's at least coming along. I also started a CSI fanfic about an Axel cosplayer being murdered by a Keyblade.

AND OH MY JENOVA I WANT ENGLISH TO DIE. I had to read Grapes of Wrath for it, which I didn't think was too bad of a book, despite the thoughts of many of my counterparts. The only problem is John Steinbeck and his "What the Fuck" endings that seriously make you go "What the hell kind of fucking shit is this guy ON?!" Jenova's Head it was crazy! BUt now I have to write a paper that's annoying the hell out of me. >_< It sucks. I'm glad it's not an essay or anything, but it's seriously just annoying. And with orientation coming up next Wednesday, with school starting after that, I'm sweating it.

Anyway, on to happier things. ANIME PICNIC NEXT SATURDAY!! YEEESSSS!!!! Praise Hojo for anime picnics! But another of my chakram points broke, so it looks like I'll be going as Marluxia. lol. Hope my Vexen friend won't mind. I've heard her rants on Marluxia. XP I found a nice sea salt ice cream recipe I want to try, but I don't know if I'll have enough time to do it by next Saturday. If all else fails I can make lembas bread. lol.

I'm really kind of excited for the first day of school though. I got my hair cut like the character Shelke from Dirge of Cerberus, so there's one shocker for my friends, GRAVITY DEFYING HAIR! lawlz. XD Another is the fact that I have a Lolita dress on the way for the first day of school. ^_^ I can't wait to try it on and see how it looks once it gets here! eBay has some nice deals on stuff like that, and it will actually fit since it's custom made! ^_^

And lately I've been focusing on Kingdom Hearts. I spent every last cent I had at Kakkoi|Con on 2 KH wallscrolls, a KH poster, a mini Axel plushie (which I now call my mini-me when cosplaying Axel. ^_^), and a Death Note phone charm. TOTALLY WORTH IT DUDE!!! =D And I'm currently working on getting a KH pin set and a messenger bag off of eBay for school. My plushie collection, along with my KH collection in general, IS GROWING!!! hahahahaha!!! lol.

And that's about it for now. Hopefully I'll start getting on here more to post more about my life, lol. But Kakkoi|Con was such a fucking blast and I cannot WAIT for Detour next year with my Reno costume. And my cosplay skit idea. ^_^


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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

   death Note
Saw the Death Note movie in my half-assed mello cosplay. Electrical tape on a white vest made my leather. XD Anyway, the movie was awesome and I had a great time, despite the fact that me and my friends were the only ones cosplaying.
I heard they all went to Brooklyn Center...too bad. it was really fun though and the movie rocked ass. XD GO L! WE LOVE YOU! =D


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Friday, May 16, 2008

So tonight was my semi-formal dance at school. I cosplayed as Aerith in her KH2 dress for this. ^_^ It was so great!

I was first in the dance, first to play DDR, first to get a photo, and got first dibs on the chocolate fondue fountain! =D I got a couple drips on my dress, but it was totally worth it. x]

I saw some kids do THorugh the Fire and Flames on expert on Guitar Hero 3. It was so crazy! I've never seen so many notes fly so fast across the screen, or a person's fingers move that fast! It was amazing!

There was even a black-jack table where my friends were playing. I was only a spectator, but it was fun to watch. There was even a video of our class in years past. I looked so different!

I was so happy when my dress came yesterday! I thought the person who made it might not ship it in time! I squeed so loud yesterday when I saw the package! I tried it on right when I got home, bought a couple accessories, and I was good to go!

I can't wait to see all the photos of me, especially some of Facebook! I'll upload some pics once I get them! I was sad there wasn't a pic of me on the photo wall though. T-T Oh well...

The only thing that pissed mne off was they played Soulja Boy as the last song. -_- It sucked. Oh yeah! And we got to go in the middle courtyard of the school! It was so pretty! I've never been in there before! I loved it! So peaceful and pretty. ^_^

And most of the time I spoke what little Japanese I knew, lol. And on the dance floor I only danced the Carmeldansen dance. XD

My friend Tori was dressed in a 1940-50's party dress too, it was cool! But now I must retire and take my dress off and attend to my foot blisters. >_< I had a great time at the dance though! ^_^

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Well, all I'm gonna say about Anime Detour was that it was awesome. If I were to elaborate, you'd never see the end of this post. XD

So this week i crammed my APUSH paper in and now am working on my ALM video with all the footage I got from the con.

Anyway, I was online today and i found this hilarious animation with Loz and yazoo in it and every time I see it I laugh. Here's the link. Trust me, it's hilarious. XD

And otherwise I've just been chillin'. I'm working on a Kagura costume for a Fruits Basket forum photoshoot I'll be in soon, so that'll be fun. ^_^

Oh yeah, MY BIRTHDAY'S IN SIX DAYS!! I'm gonna try sushi for it too. 8D

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Can ya tell I'm excited? XD

And yet I still have so much shit to finish. >_< Luckily the sitar is basically finished, I just need to add the strings and tuning stuff. The chakrams just need a little more paint. I need to paint the scythe and bend the handle and then also paint Xigbar's gun. @_@

I thank my friend Ben for helping me dwindle my work down on Saturday. I COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!!! *_*

And of course my teachers pile on the shit this week. It's the end of the quarter! You'd think they'd slack off a little so they can grade better! T-T And I still need to do my APUSH paper next week by Friday or I'm not going to get into the class.

At least I don't have to skip school for the con. ^_^ We get Thursday and Friday off thanks to the end of quarter 3. Heehee!!!!

And now I'm really tired and sore from physical therapy. I had to skip honor band tonight because I had so much crap to do for homework. My knees are killing me from all the stuff I had to do at physical therapy yesterday. I hope my dad didn't schedule for Wednesday or I'm going to be pissed.

Anyway...my birthday's in 14 days!!!! Yay!!! ^_^

April 16th bitches! XD

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

*happy dance*
Before I tell you why I'm so happy, I just need to put down a couple funny moments of today.

In german we were talknig about the dative case where we say we're moving IN something or something like that. Anyway, one group meant to say that their person was walking around the pool, but they said it so that it translated to that she was walking on the pool. So my teacher was like, "Well, we only know one person who can walk on water and that's..." Everyone answered God except me.

I was the one who was like, "Nu-UH!! NARUTO can walk on water!" XD It was funny and my teacher gave me the weirdest look. It was great.

And then in aerobics we while i was waiting to do my balance beam routine, a bunch of my friends and I talked about random crap. Some of which included weird details Yaoi sex among other things....AAAAAANYWAY,
The best part was when we were talking about going up to random people and saying, "Would you like to talk about Jesus Christ?" And we practiced saying it with a straight face to each other and in like British and southern accents. It was HILARIOUS.

So...ya. I have physical therapy again tonight. Woo. *eye roll* But my props are coming along. The sitar is finally fully primed and has some ACTUAL paint on it. My chakrams look awesome and the scythe....well....^_^"""

Anyway, I'm really happy because...





*building up suspense*






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Sunday, March 23, 2008

well, Anime Detour is in about a week and so far 3 people don't have cloaks. I'm only worried about Xigbar right now since I'm gonna shank Roxas's and then I bought Marluxia's.

There was a work day yesterday, and once again not much got done. Pirategaara was there and she helped with the scythe a little. I think I'll post a Demyx vid just for her entertainment. XD

Anyway, I have my first chakram cut out now and the second one is almost done. Yay!

Tomorrow I have a Romeo and Juliet essay test in English and I'm paranoid that I'm gonna fail. I already have a bad enough grade. -_-"

Anyway...I tihnk that's about it, so here's a Demyx vid! XD

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

   Happy Pill has come to save the day!
OMG I hope pirategaara reads this.

Anyway, I was working on my sitar and trying to "unfreeze" my white primer when I just realized I'll have enough money for everything!

Once I finish cleaning my room, i will have cleaned the entire house, which means I get $20. Then my friend is gonna give me $10 when I reach lvl 40 on Maple Story. That's $30 towards a Demyx wig right there peeps! WOOHOO!

*happy dance* So awesome. Now to just shank Roxas's cloak from him in exchange for my hats. >3

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   Downhill Spiral
Well, things have been going downhill recently.

With only 15 days until Anime Detour and only the shield and sitar done (or close to being done), my Organization cosplay is falling apart. 4 people still don't have cloaks and i don't have enough money to buy them all a cloak. I'll most likely shank Roxasjohn's from him since he was too lazy to sign up. PLUS HE OWES ME FOR HAVING MY GIR AND INUYASHA HATS THIS LONG!!! >_<
Then I still have Vexen's wig to style and a bunch of other crap to get done. Luckily there are some people coming on Saturday, but I seriously need a shitload of money right now.

I feel bad for pirategaara because she feels bad about my sitar work going to waste, but doesn't know if she can get a costume in time. My dad isn't really the one to buy stuff just for people since he said he wanted to be paid back every time i bought something, so I have no idea what I'm going to do.

I have a feeling my college savings in my savings account will be decreased soon. @_@

Anyway...if you people know of any way to help, please let me know. ^_^

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Oi Vey.
I had a nightmare last night about Anime Detour again.

Apparently I was staying at some summer camp while going to the convention, but in the dream I was cosplaying as my original character Kaiya on Friday and not Kirara. (The cosplay was totally off too. o_O) Anyway, my dad was the one filming, which will NOT be happening at the convention. I didn't know what time the cosplay convention started, so I was like paranoid when they kept me at the summer camp place 'til like 6:45 and I thought it started at 7. Apparently it was a trek from there, but all of a sudden I was there and these two announcer guys were being really weird and stuff. Then I left and I realized the next day was Saturday and the sitar was still in my basement half spackled, so I figured i could still run and get some paint and make the other props in one night. @_@ God I'm paranoid.

Anime Detour is in 18 days! HOLY CRAP! I got my registration card Saturday and I'M SO FRICKEN EXCITED!!!! I only need to still make my Axel chakrams in the next 3 weeks, so I'll be doing research on using the plotter printers at Kinko's to see how much I need to pay for them. Otherwise I still need 2 people's cloaks. I don't have enough money for one, and if I knew the other person would pay me back I'd buy his too...Ah! This thing is falling apart right in front of me!

Luckily I have my Kakkoi Con cosplay figured out. I'm going as Willy from Romeo x Juliet, and I'm going to try to get one of my friends to go as Emilia. XD

Anyway...today I go to physical therapy for my right knee. I went to the knee doctor last week and he just basically charged me a huge fee to tell me nothing was wrong. BULL-SHIT!! if my knee gets stiff after sitting cross-legged for a while and I need to click it to get it back right, SOMETHING IS FUCKIN' WRONG DUDE!!! God.

Also this week is the "cram to get your Organization XIII props done" day on Saturday. I need so much help that I'm like calling all my friends to come help me. XD

I just hope all goes well at Anime Detour.

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