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Hey Guys,
My name is Ashley, and welcome to my site. I Love anime & manga, and I hope to become a Manga-ka very soon. If you have anything you want to discuss, feel free to privat message me. By the way I'm computer illiterate, so if anyone can give me pointers or anything it very much appreciated. Well g2g!
Luv or hate,
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Sunday, September 24, 2006

   My Ranking is DEAD!!
Hey Guys,
Man I haven't written is so long that my ranking is completely SHIT. Well I guess it can't be helped... :( Hey, friday my dog had puppies and they are sooooo cute, its actually my siter's dog, she breeds them (by the way their pugs) one of them we thought was going to die but it didn't. I had to take it to the vet and he helped it, but he said it might have a shitload of health problems in the furture, so it might not sell, so my sister gave it to me!! That was totally awsome of her, I'm naming him Sigure because I love Furba. I would've named him Haur, but scince its a dog and all I though that sounded kinda wierd, lol. Well g2g,

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Friday, September 22, 2006

   Hey sorry its been so long...
Hey guys,
sorry I haven't said much in awhile, things have been pretty hectic w\moving and all. I miss everybody from louisiana, and i don't have many freinds here so yea...I'm pretty much miserable. Well I g2g, by the way, anyone in SC let me kno

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Well tonight wuz my last night at work, and everyone wuz sad, they surpised me tho by getting me a present. They got my a PJ outfit, white cami thats VERY soft and white cloth pants with strawberries. They also got me a purse, from the boardwalk, thats red(my fav color). They got me a card as well, I saw it had money inside, but I only saw a five so I thought it wuz like $20.00 or so, when I got home I counted it and it had a little over $100.00!!! My thoughts on that are:
1)100 BUCKS!!
4)hmmm...Red Lobster...yummy
# 4 is a joke, I can't beleive they did that tho, it was just so kind of them. It made me cry...I don't want to go, I'm gonna miss everyone soooo much, my freinds Kimmy, Cari, Chani, Amber, Nick, Zach, TJ, Andrea, Nikki, Mary, Erin, and anyone else I've ever met EXCEPT Sarah Brown, she's a Bit@h. I'm gonna miss my pets as well...Most of all I'm goning to my the best boyfriend, sweetest guy, and most amazing person Mr. James Lee Jackson. Now I'm crying...

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hey Guys,
I might be moving about a thousand miles away (no joke or exaggeration) cuz my mom and her boyfreind broke up. Well MY boyfreind, James, wamts me to stay here, I want to stay here too. All my freinds are here, and I don't really have any family at all. Well, scince I just turned sixteen on the 5th, I can't live alone, and cuz my mother dosen't want to be alone, I think I may HAVE to move w/her. The biggest thing is the fact that no matter what I just don't want to leave James, I kno I should think logicly about a solution, I just can't cuz of
1) my personality
2) I'm upset about leaving the ones I love
so anyone that thinks logicly or give goods advice, a comment would be greatly apreciated...yea...thanx?

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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Hey guys sup? For the past 2-3 days I've been in Texsas w/my brother & his family, yesterday and today we went to the lake, and I'm soooooooo sleepy...I'm having fun, and also I'm a little bored cuz their kids(the boy is 12 the girl is 15) are really close so they chill w/each other and I'm left out. All in all it kewl.

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