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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Just wanted to post a special something
Hi there, I am the happiess person in the world. I got to talk to two of my daughters. Listening to them made me so proud. I wasn't a very good mom all the time. But I got 3 wonder wonderfull, beautifull daughters that has made something out of there lives. More then I could have ever given them. They have been threw alot because of me and over come it all. And I am so happy for them. And I really oue it all to to teacher that step in and help us all. I just wanted to say thank you to that very special someone out she knows who she is! And say HOW PROUD I AM OF OUR GIRLS AND HOW THEY HAVE TURNED OUT THANKS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY( THANKS AGAINS) I LOVE ALL OF YALL. GOD BLESS YALL
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