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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

hi im back sneaking yet again so back tonavid he's a kid i met on the net yeah i know not safe well i met you on the net to so... anyway i like him alot and i missed him cuz he wasn't on (runescape) for like forever and i missed him so i logged on just to see if he was back and he was my friendmike who u all have probalby noticed me mention various time on my site made fun of him navid told me hes from iran and was very down cuz kids call him a terroist they are so mean anyway mike thinks hes emotionaly unstable and my other friend thinks hes like one of those evil stalker kidnapper killer rapist guys who trick kids on the comp. well i gotta go b4 i get detention to the xtrme peace luv yinz lol
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my friend off the net navid was on the net last nite so i talked to him i miss him so much........
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Saturday, April 9, 2005

okay now that i gots ur attention i want to know how many of yinz thnk that spam is a funny word i mean its like SP-AM so kool oh and any punk ppl who read this like pm me k luv yinz thanx 4 listenin
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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

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Monday, April 4, 2005

im sneakin yet again in science oh its so much more fun when u sneak
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Friday, April 1, 2005

   sry guys
i am not allowed on the comp cuz i had an E in math so sry im sneakin now in comp class sry dudes WOOT!
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Friday, March 18, 2005

When you see a piece of clean white paper you just can't help but write on it. It's a yerning you just have to. Doesn't matter what you write you just need to put something on that paper, its one of those things you can't help but do. the more you think about the more you want to do it. I think this applys to alot of things.

A piece of paper is alot like life, you want to know what will happen but you can't until you do something. Just like you want to know what will be on the paper but can't until you write or draw. Lot's of people think like that they want to know just by reading or being told, not by doing. You can pretty much base your life on the principole of writing on a piece of paper. The best things happen when you write on the paper not just stare at it w/ a mind almost as blank as the paper.

Just think of the last time you were sitting in class and didn't feel like doing your work for whatever reason. WhaT DID YOU DO ? JUST SAT THERE W/ A BLANK PIECE OF PAPER RITE? What did end up on that paper, math work or a drawing of only god knows what? A communications essay or a diary entry from some one you just made up? A list of standards or a poem fdrom deep inside your soul?

Now what did you do w/ that paper? Throw it away.. ithink not . okay maybe you did, im not saying u didn't, maybe u did ,but more than likely u read maybe wondered how you could write or draw some thing so different from you w/ out even noticing it was so unlike u it wuz like u weren't even there kinda like when u dream and u can't remember wat u were feeling while dreaming just the same what u were thinking while writeing escapes u sometimes and empty paper and no pressure helps u take a look at the real u the uncontios u the one only u know

And now im sitting here not wanting to do my work w/ my once blank piece of paperwondering how im goona share this w/ u how many posts will it take 4 me to get it to yinz wonderin if youll care or if u' will hate me for being so weird but to tell u the truth im gonna keep writing becuz i want o know wat ill write i still got 1 page and a half left and i want to fill them but i don't know what ill write and thats ok cuz watever i write will b good cuz its me and wat u write will b good cuz its u just try it write something don't think dont revise just write just fill the paper and now even tho i still have a page left im gonna stop cuz i feel im done and thats good enough 4 me and it should b good enough 4 u as well

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

sup peoples i'm writing to you from skool it's second period and i'm in health hurrah! not i mean they think us children need health classes just cuz we spend all our time in front of the comp. any ways i'm suposed to be typin some stuff up but im pretending to type slow and they don't know im sayin hi to yinz guyz!!!! well i'd like to say thx to death T-2 4 visiting my site so much u rock.... well bye and oh yeah.....


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Monday, March 14, 2005

   yay to day is pi day!!!!!!
today is pi day (pi=3.141592654 ect.) and becuz 2day is march 14th its pi day hurrah everyone gets a gold star *_* ^_^
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Sunday, March 13, 2005

doesn't the whole human as last ingrediant bother any one else i mean ed was freakin out and i know al was sad i almost basrfed whatd yinz do didnt that disapoint you a little and what if in the real world of alchemy that really is the last ingredeant i mean i wanna do alchemy!!!!
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