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Friday, February 29, 2008

   WooT! Epiphany!!!
Hey, ppls.
I was writing in my script the other day and I had an AWESOME finding! I learned more about myself! And, I was so proud of myself, I've decided to share it with you.

Now, I know none of you know any of these characters, but I really do want you to see this. So, here is a bit taken from "The Butterfly Pearl," a sequel to "A Wizard's List" that I've just started putting up on MyO:

From "The Butterfly Pearl":

YORU: Sighs, I understand. Stands fully, I know you've had some
terrible experiences in your life and they've left you scarred. Prince Washitaka
killed your wife and son, didn't he? Aoboshi hesitates, then nods slowly,
staring straight ahead,
You see your dead son in Shiro, don't you?

AOBOSHI: Lethally quiet, Yes.

YORU: Kneels down, looking into Aoboshi's eyes, smiling warmly, How

AOBOSHI: Takes a shuddering breath, whispering, Everything... he's an
astounding Mage... Optimistic and friendly. Gifted and determined... They both
even had two different-colored eyes. He's quiet and timid at times... but when a
push comes to shove, he really shines through. At first, I thought it was just
an uncanny coincidence... then, I realized... I love him... and I don't want to
lose him. I never want to see him hurt again.

YORU: Calmly, sagely, Aoboshi-san, if you never let him get hurt, how
will he grow? That is how we all grow and learn. We are hurt physically and
emotionally and sometimes mentally... but, by overcoming that suffering we shape
ourselves. We become closer to our absolute selves. If you hinder those
processes from him, he'll become suffocated and he'll never survive. He'll die.

AOBOSHI: He'll...?! Looks up, meeting Yoru's eyes.

YORU:  He'll die... It's the cruel circle of life. We become stronger by
overcoming weaknesses. And, we only discover our weaknesses through discomfort
and pain. Yet that means that, queerly enough, we avoid death through small
amounts of suffering... Looks up, raising an eyebrow curiously, smiling
lightly to himself,
It's quite odd and eccentric, isn't it? Is it just life,
or does God think up these things?

Aoboshi stares at Yoru, taking in his words. Yoru manages a grin.

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