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Friday, February 22, 2008

   WooT! XD YEAH!
Hey, fellow Otakuites!
I watched the Lunar Eclipse the other night! It was awesome! All red and creepy. Yeah... that meant demons coming out which meant I was busy purifying my house and property... lotsa work...

Then, like the day before that, my mom and I were on our way to town aat about 6:30 in the morning when we saw a weird Flash up on the sky behind the mountain. Three conclusions passed through my head:
1) A transistor just blew up.
2) An alien spaceship just crashed.
3) Hell has let loose.

So, I ruled out option 2. Option 3 didn't match the circumstances. 1 was probable, but it wasn't cold enough for a transistor to explode and the flash would've behaved differently.

Later, we found out a meteor had landed.... more than 100 miles away... It haad made that huge flash, which seemed to look like lightning, but since there weren't any clouds in the sky... But, it was cool! >_<

Then, yesterday, some debris from that satellite that was blown up landed about two towns away from here! WooT!

So, there has been many things related to Space happening lately. It's exciting.

Oh, yeah, did anyone else see the Season Finale to Ghost Hunters International? It was awesome! Frankenstein's castle! Alchemists! Chapels! Disembodied (but friendly sounding) voices! Plus, the Old German Language! >_< You hafta understand that I LOVE LANGUAGES!!! EEEK! Okies, no more fan-girl screams.

So, hope everyone's weekend goes good!
~Yosei (TheDarkAngel)

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