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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Well, it's the national day of love... and boy, was it! I gots lots of candy! And hugs and kisses from meh gf... WooT! =^_^=

I was thinking of sneaking out of school early to come to my gf's house and (with her parent's permission, of course) leaving an UNGODLY amount of rose petals all over her room. But, she got out of school early too and we spent the afternoon hanging out and being... well, a couple. Heh heh heh... >.<

And, now I am here.
Well... that was cool, I guess.
Mmm... chocolate... XD

And, my sister has left for the weekend. So, YEAH! House to myself- hopefully... i think my dad has tomorrow off, so maybe not. o well.

OH! I finally got all the characters unlocked on Bleach: Shattered Blade for the Wii. Now, I gotta get some of the character's extra forms. Like, Rukia, Orihime, and Toshiro in school clothes.
Gin is so cool in this game. And, Urahara has the best "owch" speech. Atleast, in my opinion. ^_^ He reminds me of my friend when he gets hurt... lol.

Well, that's my day in a nutshell... or chocolate box, whatever you prefer.

Hope you guys had a good Valentine's Day! ^_^
~Yosei (TheDarkAngel)

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