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Monday, February 11, 2008

WooT! Good news to all you fellow Otaku!

In about two weeks, my Government teacher is going to have the class watch Barefoot Gen for class! >_< Yeah! ANIME TO WATCH FOR SCHOOL!!!

Barefoot Gen is a story about the bombings of Hiroshima through the eyes of a boy. It was first a manga by Nakazawa. He lost his parents in the bombing in 1945. three decades later, he penned the graphic novel and it's been made into two movies! ^_^ I can hardly wait!

A spanish class was watching Spirited Away earlier. You know what this means.

Anime has found it's way into American and western classrooms... it's the beginning of a new era for Otaku everywhere! Get out your manga and cosplay outfits! Don't be afraid to boldly stand in front of the magazine rack reading this months current edition of AnimeInsider! LET OUT YOUR INNER OTAKU AND LET IT SHINE!!! LET IT SHINE IN ALL IT'S CEL-SHADED GLORY!!!

-Okies. Hope your guys' week is goin' good. ^_^
~Yosei (TheDarkAngel)

Oh, yeah! I'm gonna go draw. I wanna get some new stuff up, so keep checkin' back and checkin on My Profile! New stuff should be up soon! ^_^ ~yosei

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