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Monday, January 28, 2008

This is a short post for Monday
Well, I was all set and ready to go to school this Monday! A hearty breakfast, clean clothes, clean face and the other good things. This day though decided that I'm not meant to wake up early and have a good day. It was not raining as I got out to my bus stop at the correct time, it wasn't raining after I waited 5 minutes. It did start raining, however, after I waited for 20 minutes!

Honestly, a bus driver being late for over 20 minutes is just inexcusable. I mean there has to be a crash of some sort for me to be... more forgiving. There wasn't of course and I waited so long out there in the rain that I just lost the will to go to school and be productive today.

Well sorry about that, this event did kind of make me alittle upset but that's alright.

See you all later!

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