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Friday, January 25, 2008

Just Another Day I Suppose
Hello everyone!

So Speech class was the name of the class that I forgot the name of last post and let me tell you, I will not like this class that much. In Speech you basically talk in front of your whole class and whatnot, and talking in front of crowds is something I can do, I just don't enjoy doing it. Well, I won't bore you guys about the exact elements of the speech that I gave today but I'll tell you that it gave me an excuse to bring an N64 game cartridge of Mario Kart64 to school!

So today, I suppose I'll talk about something small that happened. I was playing my DS and played Mario Kart with a cute girl from my French Class and I claimed first place in our first race and then she somehow cheated to beat me in our second (Just kidding)!

So that was my day, goodbye and goodnight you guys.

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