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Thursday, June 26, 2008

   IT'S BEEN A WHILE . . .
Hey there myOtaku peeps! How are you right now? Good, I suppose.

Well, I've decided to do a little post here. As I said before, I can still do posts here on certain occassions even though if I have my own World in theOtaku (although I really miss the simplicity that myOtaku had).

The reason I came by here was because I did a little visit in my other semi-abandoned site, EdogawaConan.com - Pinoy Edition. I checked out where people referred to in order to visit that site. I was pretty surprised that my archives here in myOtaku was one of those referrals. And that happened just this week.

This leads me to wonder. Does anyone still come by here? Just curious.

Oh, by the way, did anyone save my TOP TEN lists from years ago? My computer had a little problem that made us reinstall Windows and, unfortunately, delete all my files there (including the lists).

Anyway, that's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

P.S. Let's see how many of you will actually comment here.

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