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Thursday, February 7, 2008

So...I guess you all know what happened in Super Tuesday. Even if you're not politically-inclined, you should have already been informed by what's happening in the US (especially if you're an American).

In the Democratic side, Obama and Clinton are still neck-and-neck for the nominations. On the Republican side, McCain is leading, with Romney and Huckabee getting victories in other states.

And Ron Paul . . . didn't win a single state. Not even Alaska or Minnesota or Montana or North Dakota, which were states that we thought we would get a win).

It's really hard being a Ron Paul supporter in the Philippines. I wished I could have been there in the US, working as a precinct leader in my home state, donating part of my allowance everyday for the campaign, joining the rallies and shouting out my support for Dr. No. But no, I can't. All I can do is make pro-Paul videos and pray fervently. This is why it's hard being a Paul supporter in the Philippines, especially with the outcome of Super Tuesday.

But as this post by a fellow Ron Paul supporter shows, the Revolution is not yet over:

A friend of mine asked me tonight, “Should Ron Paul just quit? I never hear of him on the news so he can’t be doing very well today (Super Tuesday).” Here is my reply to him:

I don’t care what the liberal media is saying, he has,

2nd place in Nevada

2nd place in Louisiana (possibly first once they get it sorted out)

2nd place in Montana

2nd place in Maine

3rd place in Utah

3rd place in North Dakota

There is about 21 more states left to vote,

He has plenty of money,

No one has even close to enough delegates to take the nomination,

He has the only true Republican stance on the issues,

He is the only candidate who believes our government should follow ALL of the Constitution,


Not even close. Keep fighting, Ron Paul is!

(Taken from: Daily Dose.)

The Revolution is not yet dead. And thanks to this post, as well as other posts before this, I feel that there is still hope for this world. I hope that the day comes when Ron Paul will finally get the top spot.

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