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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

So it's finally here. Super Tuesday. The day where more than 20 states in the United States go out and choose the candidates for the Republican and Democratic parties.

I'll make this message short. If you are a voter from one of those states, I really hope you will vote (or voted) for Ron Paul. He's just the most principled around. He has what it takes to bring back the stability of the US economy; in fact, I think he's the ONLY one who REALLY knows how to FIX the ECONOMY of the United States, which affects other nations like my country, the Philippines. He will bring the troops home and will work for PEACE and FREEDOM in the nation.

So, when you make your vote today, please vote RON PAUL. He's not only the hope of America, he's the hope of the world.

Once again, don't forget to vote. I'm counting on you.

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