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Friday, January 25, 2008

   DO ME A FAVOR . . .
If you're an American, read on.

If you're a registered voter, read on.

If you can vote for a candidate for the Republican party in the primaries/caucuses, read on.

Okay, I'll make this quick and short as possible. You know, I'm starting to get irritated at how the elections in your country are going. I've just watched some YouTube clips of the recently concluded MSNBC debates in Florida. In the clips I saw Mitt Romney saying that "he doesn't care about the voters", the "Romney whisper" that seems to be helping Romney in answering a tough question on taxes(thus making you wonder if he really does know the issues), and John McCain giving a wrong and uninformed answer to Ron Paul's question. Plus, there's Sylvester Stallone endorsing John McCain, which some (including me) see as a publicity stunt for his new movie. Add also Ron Paul's small amount of airtime in the debates.

All of things have made me irritated right now. This made me to wonder: What is happening to America?

My advice to American voters is this:
1. This is the Internet age, so use the Internet a lot to know more about your candidates. Mainstream media is not going to give you everything that you need to know about the elections, so please don't use the Net simply for music videos, blog posts, and pornography. USE IT IN MAKING YOUR DECISION OF YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT SHOULD BE.

American voters, you're not just making the future of your country through your votes. YOU'RE MAKING THE FUTURE OF THE WHOLE WORLD! Please don't treat this election as a piece of crap or as a beauty contest or as a "Hey, let's vote for him 'coz he's the frontrunner!" CHOOSE THE GUY WHO HAS THESE FOUR QUALITIES:

Please America! I'm begging you. My country, the Philippines, is directly affected by the decisions that you make in this elections. Please don't screw this up, okay? I'm begging you. Take this damn thing seriously.

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