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Saturday, September 13, 2008

   Hello everyone
I don't know if anyone checks this sight anymore, but I'll keep posting! How is everybody? I'm doing fine, I guess. A new school year has started, and unlike last year, my grades sre great!:-)! I been making friends, and I'm a lot more confident than I was. I think I'm beginning to break through this shell that I've created for myself. Anyway, I've realized what a blessing this site is, and I haven't been taking good care of it. I'm sorry. From now on, I'm going to post as often as I can. I hope you'll all forgive me for such a big stupid jerk I've been. So yeah, life is good. I have a question, what happened to pms? I wasnt them back! That's all for now.


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Saturday, August 2, 2008


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yo, wutz up? It's me again! How's it hangin'? I'm good except that I've gotta go back to school in a few weeks. Where does da time go? Anyway, anyone feeling slightly anxious? i am. Not much is going on except I'm at the last boss in Tales of Symphonia. It's taken 4 ever! Oh, and I'm back into makin' games. That's all for now, folks! Peace!
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Funny video

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   The King has returned
It's been a while.........cloud. Lol! It's me! I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack BWA HA HA! It feels sooo great to be posting again!:-). I hope some of my (adoring fans) will remember me as I go to high school sophmoreship. I'm am deeply sorry for neglecting u guys for so long. Please
4give me. If ANYONE reads this, spread the word: The true Guv has returned, and he is here to stay! So what I was doing all this time? Just beating a bunch of video games, writing, aand graduating from Woodrow's Freshman Academy. I trust everyone has had a good summer thus far. I sure have! At the moment, I am doin' quite well. The best wishes to you and your loved ones, I'm glad to be here. I've tried other blogs, even theOtaku.com. But it just can't compare to this. So I'm here to stay, and I hope you all will forgive me for being away for so long. I now realize there has been a huge, myotaku shaped heart that needed to be filled. So i hope u guys remember me. Also, could someone please tell me how theOtaku.com works???? It would be greatly appreciated. One more thing, tell me how the p.ms work now, I can't figure it out. O.k, that's enough for this post. Peace! :-)

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

   I can't leave
No matter how hard I try, I can't leave the O. I've made so many friends here. So, I'll stay!
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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hi, everyone. I hate to say it, but this is farewell. That's right, I'm leaving MyOtaku. It's because of the issues this site has been having. No pms=no me. Don't worry, if you want to talk to me, get theOtaku's version Vibrant and make an account. It's way better then this thing. If you want to email me my email address is: the-guv@hotmail.com
Drop me a line sometime, o.k? My site on theOtaku version vibrant is: the otaku.com/worlds/ivalice.My username's theguv. Same Guv, diffrent site!:-) That's where I'll be. It's been fun. Well, I hope to see you on Version Vibrant. Goodbye...

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

'Ello! Dis is da Guv, the sight for everything you don't really care about! So, wuz up me amigos(and amigas)??? LOL, I'm good. Get this. In Algebra 1, were playing the stock market game. Weird, huh? I bought a new game, Chrono Trigger. It's so much fun!:-)! It's my sister's birthday today. She's so excited! Well, sindgle's awareness day( Valentine's Day) was an embarrassing failure. Again. Not a single Valentine. But dat's o.k! Lol, other than that, not much has been goin' on. Chao, m' homes.
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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hi everyone. Sorry i couldn't get in on writing something here till now. I went to a retreat for my chrurch. It was this place up in the mountains. It was fun!

So, what's going on with you guys? I'm BORED out of my wits at school. Why is thecurriculum so Boring? My English teacher, Mrs. Rector, really ticks me off. We had to write essays for Great Expectations. I accidently forgot my essay in my locker, and I asked to go and get it. She wouldn't let me, even though she let someone else leave the room to get her book 5 seconds before! So while everyone else went and rewrote their essays, I was stuck in the classroom like an idiot! This garbage has been happening all year. I suppose it doesn't matter. Everyone hates her anyway. Don't ask me how, but I made honor roll again!:-). As every year, Lent rolls in again. I gave up swearing. Even on text stuff like this. You want to something else...I just realized, I've been an otaku member for a full year now!!!!!!!!!!!Woo hoo!!!!!!!!! Oh, by the way, happy Chinese New Year (it's the year of the rat). That's it for now. Peace1

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

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