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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Character Profile #3
Belongs to: redmoonchick

appearance: has the appearance of a sixteen to seventeen year old girl. is about 5'6, with wavy blackish brown hair that falls past her shoulders, blue-grey eyes, and attractive.

attire: she wears things from the punk rock collection. with tight jeans and studded belts.

personality: open minded and accepting, can often be too sentimental and gets attached to people easily, loving and strong, smart, decisive.

home life: was running the streets alone until she met and fell in love with a human named lane. lives with him despite her better judgment.

history: was a normal human before she was lured into being turned into a vampire. since then she has lived in a vampiric cult before running away for unknown reasons.

how others see her: people who don't know what she is underestimate her and she constantly fights to prove herself.

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