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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Character Profile #1
Belongs to: Paintwriter

Bio: Demitri is a kid with powers beyond compare but is just a teen so he tends to not know how or why the crazy things happen to him!

Appearance: Demitri has dirty blonde hair that is usually pushed to the side(to where its covering one of his eyes). He has very, very bright topaz eyes that tend to shine when he is thinking evil thoughts, that tells his friend Lavander that she had better run! He’s tall with tan skin.

Attire: He wears band T-shirts and ripped jeans. .He has a favorite ring that he wears on his right hand that is made out of checkered tape.

Personality: Very sarcastic and gets dragged into all the bad stuff or into things that he doesn’t want to be a part of. My favorite thing about m is the fact that anything he can imagine or see in his mind becomes real and that would be cool but also has to learn how to control it.

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