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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Exercise Responses for OLS Newsletter # 4
Take a look at the similarities and difference in the lists! =D Guess we writers all have common variables, and some of us just get a little crazy!

And sorry about the colors, don’t worry. They’ll be changing soon!
-Founder and President of the OLS

What Inspire Me
By: wolfspeed
1.Watching other people: their problems, their life, their family, their emotions and reactions to things
2.Watching a movie or a show
3.Reading a book
4.Scenery, especially walking though it
5.Quotes, both from movies and from songs
6.Playing video games
7.Staring off into space
8.Seeing a cool picture
10.Anything that makes my heart ache

What Inspires Me
By: Kitsune Tsuki
1. My overactive imagination gland (a/k/a my brain)
2. Nature
3. Past experiences
4. A really good prompt
5. Music
6. Art
7. Other writing

What Inspires Me
By: Tsukasa90210
1.Talking to my girlfriend
2.Thinking alone
5.Looking at things outside
6.The Used
7.Reading other peoples poems and such
8.hmmm cookies?

What Inspires Me
By: redmoonchick
1. fall out boy lyrics
2. my friend Danny
3. television shows
4. emotions I have felt
5. poets
6. music videos
7. sad things
8. drama
9. the full moon
10. myself

What Inspires Me
By: ShadowMaleRenamon
1. Nightmares
2. Rain
3. Thunder
4. Stars
5. The girl I love

What Inspires Me
By: Hoaryu
1. Wandering thoughts
2. Inanimate objects
3. Ramnants of dreams
4. Watching the rain fall in the evening
5. Failed attempts at past writing
6. RPG's
7. The moon, all phases

What Inspires Me
By: DarkXBlood
1 - Music (Linkin Park, Green Day, etc)
2 - Quotes
3 - My Past
4 - School (friends, classes, etc)
5 - Other works (other stories, poems, etc)
6 - TV shows (Naruto, Bleach, etc)

What Inspires Me
By: Wings of Dream
1. Sitting alone on the doorsteps with my cat in the evening
2. Sadness
3. Rain (looking at it or standing drenched in it)
4. Walking on the beach
5. Watching sunset
6. Pictures of nature
7. When it's midnight
8. Watching romance movie
9. Fushigi Yugi (an anime)
10. The song "Behind These Hazel Eyes" by Kelly Clarkson

What Inspires Me
2) The Mood I fell at that moment
3)Reading books
4)The moon and Sun (It make sme think about the diffets in some things)
5)Taking walks
6)My happy place
7)Voices in my head
8) My thoughts
9)My friends
10)A rainbow

What Inspires Me
By: Angel Zakuro
2.Depressing emotions
3.Friendships from the past & now
5.My front yard
6.My stuffed animals. ^^
7.Confusion (does that make sense?)
8.Others in need
9.Images (anime, manga, landscapes)
10.My Jungy. ^_^ *glomps*

What Inspires Me
by: CurseoftheZodiac
1. Anime
2. The song Pain~ Three Days Grace
3. My own friends stories
4. My editors
5. My own thoughts
6. People I hate
7. Sitting in a tree and staring into space
8. The thoughts of Romance
9. Celestial beings
10. The Song Never Again~ Kelly Clarkson

What Inspires Me
By: Jung Woo
1. The song “Don’t Move” by Butch Walker
2. Watching Cinematech on G4
3. When the lights are shut off in my room, but it’s still daylight outside
4. Car rides - watching the scenery passing by
5. Funny inside jokes between my friends and I
7. Pictures of places far away
8. History class!!!
9. Walking on the treadmill XD
10. Looking at the night sky

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