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Hi, as you can tell from my user name i am a huge nejiten fan!! also a gaara fan! oh and i do requests and art trades!!! ^ ^

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Friday, February 29, 2008

i haven't been on for like 4 months!! i bet no one misses me or even remembers me anymore! -.- well i missed all of u! and i so totally wished that my scanner was fixed i would of updated some art by now! well, im bored so like yeah. talks to me plz
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Monday, December 24, 2007

HEY EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!!! anybody miss me? plz say yes. lol. omg i missed u guys so much!!! i haven't been on since october!!! o.O . crazy i know. so tommarow which is christmas (duh) im gonna put up a pic. i hope u guys like it!! ^_^. plz comment becuz i really want to hear from u!!!! well thats all for now!!


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