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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I am so relieved! The research paper is complete and has already been submitted to our teacher. My group mambers and I just need to prepare for the presentation.

Well, now that the papers are done, we'd have more time to practise our presentation skills.

Eye contact is important, limit body movements, don't speak in a monotone voice, etc. etc. etc. I can't help but be nervous.

Happens so that our group is the first to submit our paper. I am so shocked. We, the first? And today's the deadline. I thought others would've submitted already. ^^

The thing about being last to submit is that they have to present first. Since we are the first to submit, I guess that makes us last to present. But we don't want to present last, we want to be the second group to present. Second is such a good position.

I am going to e-mail our teacher, in hope that since we are the first to submit our paper, we can choose when we want to present. We really do want to be the second group to present.

Wish me luck! ^^

Have a nice day! ^^

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