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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Well, it's Saturday and now I finally have time to put up a post.

Truth be told, this last week is one of the worst weeks of my life. With regard to the last post. The near-accident experience made me realise how fragile life is. And also how rude drivers can be. Now I don't feel like getting a license. When I'm old enough, that is. But I sort of promised my aunt, who lives overseas and whenever my family and I go there, she'd be the one driving us around, that I'd get my license one day and drive her around. ^^

But since that won't happen till, what? Five? Six? years, I don't want to think about it yet. ^^

My sister and I bought a lot of mangas this week. O.o We've spent almost about a month's pocket money to get all those manga. But I don't care. Those mangas are what's keeping me from going too deep into the abyss of sadness. They keep me happy.

If I can't be happy, I'd rather others be happy. At least, when others are happy, I'd know that happiness still exist and that one day, I'd be able to find it.

So, enough of sad stories. I'm not too sad anymore. Things got a bit better.

I have English Oral Exam on Monday. I'm supposed to have it on Friday, but there wasn't enough time, so I'm first on Monday. Ironic, seeing how I'm the last person on the register. But my dear, beloved English teacher didn't want to "rush" me. So I'm up Monday. I so love her. ^^

Shaman King has ended. I watched the last episode yesterday. Lyserg is so cute! And Horo Horo is so big brother-ish. ^^ Ah, I've always wondered what it'd be like to have a big brother. But fate won't allow me one, so I'm just dreaming about it. ^^

Peacemaker has replaced Inuyasha. Though I didn't really watch it, it's quite... I don't know, gruesome? The way Okita just killed a man in cold blood. It's kind of scary.

I don't know what Shaman King is going to be replaced by. I hope it's something good. ^^

Well, life is getting brighter. Until I stumbled upon this website - Stamp Out Literacy. I don't why on earth people want to 'stamp out literacy'. I am so shocked. I am so against it! I love reading. That's the best thing ever and they want to "stamp" it out!

Anyway, guess I'd better start doing my homework. Before my sister decides it's her turn to take the computer. ^^

Have a nice day!

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