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Saturday, June 30, 2007


Exams are finally over. But somehow, I don't feel too happy about it.

*sigh* I know I did my papers very badly. I didn't understand the questions, couldn't answer the questions, didn't have the time to finish writing my answers... In short, I did very badly for ALL of my papers this time.

In the past, when exams are over, I'd go all "YAY! IT'S OVER!!! LET'S CELEBRATE!!!" No matter how badly I did my papers. Yet, this time around, I don't feel rejoiced. I don't feel so relieved that exams are over.

Maybe it's because I still have lots of 'holiday' homework that I didn't do, but... still. *sigh*

I can guarantee that I fail my Maths and Physics. I don't know how I did for my Biology; I summarised all the process into just a few lines and coudn't figure out how to draw proper diagrams. I think I summarised the process too much. =_=;;

I didn't have enough time to finish up my Economics essay. There are two parts to the essay, and when the teacher announced, "You have 15 minutes left.", I was still at part one! I haven't even started on part two! ~_~;;

I think the only subject that I can at least pass is Mother Tongue. >.<|| Haha~ How ironic. =_=;;


I've got to go finish up my 'holiday' homework now. Else my conduct grade will go down. ~_~;;

God Bless everyone.

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