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Monday, June 18, 2007


I'm back in less than a month. Last post was 25 May and now it's just 18 June. I made it in less than a month!

Yay~~! ^__^


But there's not really much reason to celebrate. I have my exams next week! >.<||


I'm faring quite well with Biology right now. I've managed to read up and understand some of the main points. So I'm quite ok.

Physics is quite fine, I suppose. I just hope they don't ask trick questions. >.<|| Or phrase the questions in a very weird way. -_-;;

Maths is still horrible. I don't know what to do with my Maths anymore. I'm simply atrocious at it! And to think that I was one of the best students for Maths during secondary school years...

That's all the past now... I'm in Junior College now... and I'm bad at Maths... ~_~;;

Economics is by far the only subject that I'm happiest with. ^_^ The concepts are easy to understand. Only that when writing the essay, you have to remember to include all the details... and sometimes, you just forget one or two points, and you'll lose quite a lot of marks! x_x

Other than exam and study-related issues, I'm quite happy with everything else in my life~ =)

I joined the AVA Club~! ^_^ And it's one heck of a club! It's a small club, and I'm quite close to the only other girl in it. And I'm happy with that. ^_^

The President is a nice guy... especially nice to girls. =P Means we get better treatment. Don't need to carry the heavy stuff, things like that. ^_^ Haha~

It's not really good to get special treatment, but hey, no one has complained so far. ^_^ So I'm quite glad~ ^_^


The only thing I like about school is my AVA Club. =P



I've got to get back to studying now. First 'real' paper is MATHS! >.<|| [because nobody really takes Mother Tongue seriously =P]


God Bless all of you. ^_^

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