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Friday, May 25, 2007




School has really eaten up my time. I go out of my house at 06 00, and come back only after 17 00 or 18 00. >.<; Then, there's still homework for me to do, and reading up on lecture notes... Must do a lot.

JC life is really, really tough. Aside from the studies part, there's also the people part.

I've gotten to know my classmates better. And I dislike half of them. >.< And this half mainly consists of girls. -_-; Haha~ It's kind of weird that I find the boys are better than the girls.

The girls like to B**** around, be late for classes, cheat in tests... in short, do all the things that a rational student wouldn't do. And for that, I don't like them. One of the girls has a serious attitude problem. She talks bad about EVERYONE behind their backs, but in front of them, she acts so friendly and nice to them.

I find it ironic. A girl with two sides. I hate that kind of people. And for this reason alone, I think it's enough for me not to be over-friendly with her.

There are a few other girls who I'm close to, they're the nice people, and there's so few of them... It's kind of sad.

The boys in my class are quite okay. There's the metrosexual, the macho guy, the guy with-the-cockroach-hairstyle ... and many more. [Believe it or not, these nicknames were given by my own teacher! Haha~ -_-;]

The boys are generally okay, they're not as bad as the girls in terms of punctuality and manners. If I were to rank the girls and boys in the class according to best to worst, the boys would hog the top list.

And the boys in my class hardly talk to me. Maybe because they have the impression that I'm a goody-two shoes who has never interacted with boys before and wouldn't know how to approach me. >.<||

Not that I blame the boys, because I don't know how to approach them either. Having spent ten years in an all-girls school, I have never really interacted with people of the opposite gender. So it gets a bit awkward for me sometimes. -_-; Heheh~

So I mainly stick to my old secondary school friends. Even though we are in different classes, we usually have the same lunch times. So we eat lunch together most days. ^__^

Weirdly enough, I don't feel too lonely most of the time. I am not close to most of the girls in my class. I'm on good terms with everyone, no enemies among us, and we don't fight. So I think it's okay~ ^__^

I'm fine with it. I don't have too much time to think about this issue anyway. I'm more worried about my studies!

I'm falling really far behind in Maths - and it can't be helped. I understand some parts of the lecture. There are a lot that I don't understand. And you'd think that tutorials should be better... No! Tutorials are WORST!

The teacher confused me, rather than helped me. >.<||

Now I'm a lost little sheep in a world of numbers, and I can't speak 'mathematical language'. >.<||

Biology is only a bit better than my Maths. Out of the whole class, only one person passed, and the that person is... me. -_-; It came as a surprise, since I'm a bit behind in Biology, and there are other who are better than me. But then again, I only just passed. My mark was the passing mark. Haha~ So nothing to be proud of. >.<||

Physics is so far the only one that I'm not really behind on. Maybe it's because of the teacher's teaching style. I don't know. But I'm glad that I'm on task with Physics. =)


It's getting too late. I manage to get this post only because it's the last day of term. Though holidays aren't holidays since we have to go back to school for extra lessons. >.<|| Still~ I deserve a one night break. Though I failed my Maths and barely passed Biology. -_-; Heheh~

But ah well~

Good night~

And hopefully, it won't be TOO long till the next time I come back. ^_^ Heheh~ =)

Take care~ =)

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