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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

It took me about a month or so to update. >.<

School has gotten into [almost] full swing. It has been about three? weeks or so. From make up lectures to temporary timetables... and now, we have our permanent timetables. But I think there will be changes to it, too. The Maths lecture venue has clashed with another lecture. >_< It was a frenzy on that day. Nobody knew where to go. >.<

It is still hectic. ^_^;

School has not gotten into full swing yet. That's why I still have the time to go online. I also have to work on my projects! >.<;

It's hard work. School, I mean.

I understand what they say in the lecture. But when they give me questions to solve, I've no idea what to do. >.< Is it just me, or do I really need more practise? >_<

And Physical Education will one day be the death of me! >.< My PE teacher made us run around the whole school! >_<; We ran around the track, on the perimeters of the basketball courts, netball courts, and whatever-have-yous. >_<; Worse is, he kept turning back to call the last few people. "The last six girls! Hurry up!" -_-; "Why are you WALKING?!"

I hope I get better soon. In running, that is. >_< That way, I can run away from him! >_< Haha~

Other than that, life's all good! ^_^

I made some new friends. Although, my class hasn't really bonded yet. >_< But I suppose it takes time. So we'll just have to wait and see~ ^__^ Or maybe my class bonded without me? ~_~; That would suck. >_< Haha~

Thing is, Life Goes On!

I will definitely do my best for school! ^__^

*continues to cheer herself on*

Must keep the motivation going, ne? ^__^

I hope all of you have a nice day/week.month. ^__^

P/S: Miss A! Thank you so much for taking the time to PM me~! Me Lub You~! ^__^ And thank you for all the encouragement! ^_^ Hopefully, the comment box will obey your commands soon. ^__^ Heheh~ Till then, Fight On! =)

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