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Friday, March 16, 2007


It's been quite some time AGAIN. I've been meaning to update, but every time I get online, most of the time, I'm occupied with checking my e-mails! And that takes up the bulk of the time! >_<; I'm sorry. >.<

Anyway, just to update you guys~

I'm now in school! ^__^

I'm posted to SR JC. It's about the closest one to my house. But I still have to wake up at 05 30 in the morning, and get out of the house by 06 20 just to get in school by 07 00. -_-;

I won't complain though. Since it is my first choice of school! ^_^ And two of my other classmates got into the same school. It makes me happier to know that I at least know two people there. =)

During the three days orientation, I've made new friends. ^_^ Most of them are very friendly, and I want to know them better. ^_^ I just hope my new found friends and classmates can bond together, and become the best classmates I've ever had! =)

I look forward to having a fulfilling two years in this school with great friends. =) I hope I can survive! ^__^

One thing though.

I heard from seniors that "Once you enter a JC, you won't have a life anymore." This implies that you'll be so busy with school, projects and what nots that you won't have much of a life outside of school. >_<

I wouldn't mind such a life, as long as the people in school are nice and friendly people who are fun to hang around with. =)

I hope to come back here alive. ^___^

I wish all of you the best in everything! =)

Have a nice day/week/month/year/two years.
[Just in case I don't get back in. >_<; Heheh.]

Lots of Love~! ^_^

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