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Sunday, February 25, 2007


Been going out a lot these past few days~ Walking around shopping malls, playing at the arcade, eating out, grandparents' house... I'm quite tired. ^_^; Though I did have fun~ ^_^

My grandmother's birthday is tomorrow [on Monday] but we celebrated it yesterday instead. ^_^ My sister and I baked a birthday cake for her~ ^_^ Complete with chocolate cream and all~ ^_^ I'm proud of my little cake. ^_^

Everyone likes it too. So, whew~! I was afraid that they wouldn't like it. Heheh. =_=;


The results for the which-school-you-are-assigned-to are not out yet. But I'm already preparing ahead of it. ^_^ Borrowed my cousin's notes, so I wouldn't be too lost when school starts. >_<

So yeah~

I need to start revising soon~ Because life in JC, is very busy~ I expect few free time, and less computer time... ~_~;

But I'll do my best! ^__^

Have a good day~ ^__^

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