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Sunday, February 11, 2007


My results are out, and I've got a pretty decent score. It'll at least qualify me for a Junior College [JC]. ^_^ I'm glad.

Even though I am certainly NOT qualified for a good JC, a JC is still a JC, and that I'm going to be entering one is good enough. ^_^

With a raw score of 17, I'm only qualified for three JCs, and two of them are very, very far from my house. So I pray that I'll get into the one nearest to my house.

I've yet to submit the application form for the JC, but I will. By tonight. Because the deadline's on Wednesday, and I don't want to wait until the last minute. ^_^

Life is good - except that I've to go back to my old school to get my result slips and meet all the teachers that I'd prefer not to meet. >_<;

Let's pray that I can get into the school of my choice. ^_^

May God Bless you all~!

Have a nice day~!

[I'm off to go to school... teacher has summoned us... -_-;]

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