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Wednesday, February 7, 2007


I've finally gotten over it. Seems like time is all I need, and a place to pour out my emotions. ^_^ I'm feeling better right now. Good as I can be. ^_^

We're all on good terms now. And I'm glad. There's no point in fighting, anyway. I am just happy that we're still friends. ^_^

Thank you for listening to me. Especially Miss Anonymous~ Thank you so much~! ^__^

Right now, I'm baking~! Excited~ Chinese New Year is coming up! And I'm off to bake more cookies~! ^__^

Oh, my O Level exam results are coming out this Friday. THIS Friday~!!! I'm so nervous. I hope I did well enough to get into a good school. I pray hard every day!


I'm so nervous~

On a happier note, I wish all of you a very good day~! ^_^ I hope you all had fun~! ^_^

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