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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Don't you just hate it when your plan doesn't go well? Don't you?!

I hate it so.

Really. And I spent more than a week planning it, to make it perfect, and there're absolutely no loop holes at all. The plan was perfect. So perfect that no one could've messed it up.

But somebody did.

And I really feel like killing that somebody.


I am in a very foul mood right now.

The plan was simple.

Arrive at Ngee Ann Polytechnic [NP] at 11 00. Explore, find out more about the courses offered in the poly, and have fun... Then, by 13 00, leave. Take the train and go to Temasek Polytechnic [TP]. Arrive at TP by 15 00. That way, we'll have at least two hours to explore TP just like we explore NP.

Very simple to follow, yes?

I still don't get how just one person can ruin everything I delicately planned.

I'm still irritated.

Let me tell the whole story.

B and I had planned to go to NP and TP since a long time ago. I planned it just right. A perfect plan. Then M said she wanted to come. I allowed her to join us.

A had school, but wanted to skip school just so she can follow us. But the thing is...

A and B had a fight.

They're not on talking terms. I ended up as a middle person. B keeps telling me that it's all A's fault, and that she didn't really care. A keeps insisting that it's all B's fault, and she's not going to apologise. Typical, no? But I hate being in the middle. It's A versus B. So don't involve me in it! It was a stupid argument between them that had nothing to do with me, so why am I being punished?!

Because of their fight, A didn't know whether to follow us for the open house. She called me and I told her to either make up and be friends again with B, or don't go. I don't like awkward situations and that'll be the case if she comes along.

On the day of the outing...

B and I had already arrived at NP when M called B's handphone to say that she'll be late. [I don't have a handphone.] We told her to come as quickly as possible. The plan was to get out of the place to get to TP by 13 00, and it was already getting late.

M turned up much later. At about 12 plus. With A. WITH A!

I was kind of pissed off that M didn't tell me that A will meet her first. A didn't even tell me that she'll be coming with M. I know I didn't help her much by telling her to make up with B, but hey, it's not me she's having a fight with!

So A was with M. No wonder M was late. A was notorious for being late. She is always late, no matter the occasion. Except for, maybe, school. But if she's late, it'll be an hour or more. She's never just ten or five minutes late. It's always one, two or three hours.

A came after all. [Pissed off.] It was A's fault that the two of them were late; that was obvious. M didn't tell me that A would be coming with her. Neither did A tell me she'll be coming. [Pissed off times two.]

Then, they acted like they had all the time in the world to hang around at the Atrium, where the various clubs and groups put up exhibition booths, when we were supposed to go to the Convention Center, where we can find out more about the courses offered. [Pissed off times three.]

M and A wanted to take a look around the Atrium, and told us to go to the Convention Center first. They had the cheek! What's the point of waiting for them, then? If they wanted us to go to the Convention Center first, then there wouldn't be any point in waiting for them! What a waste of our time! [Pissed off times four.]

B and I headed to the Convention Center first, anyway. We are going to leave as planned at 13 00. As the local slang goes, "Die Die must do it."

We didn't have as much time to go around as I'd liked. I wanted to keep to my plan, because R would be waiting at TP for us.

We were talking to a student of NP who was enthusiastically explaining about the course. We really liked the student and the way she explained. It made us excited, and very tempted to join the course. We got held up. It was 13 10 or so when we parted because she had class.

We met with M and A who was also at the Center by then. We asked whether they wanted to come along with us, as per the original plan, but they decided not to since they haven't had the time to explore the place thoroughly. [Pissed off times five.] We might've just as well NOT WAIT FOR THEM FOR OVER AN HOUR! It's a waste of our time! They two of them could've just gone on their own, and didn't even have to meet up with me and B! Idiots. They are idiots! A, actually. Because M said earlier that she might not follow us to TP. But A. A is an idiot. A big idiot at that.

They're both idiots for making me wait.


I have idiotic friends. [Pissed off times six]

As a result, we left only at 13 30, because A took a long time to decide whether or not she wanted to follow us. [Pissed off times seven] And this was after B told A something that I wouldn't want A to know. I have no idea why B told M and A that secret that B and I wanted to keep. We promised not to tell anyone or show the picture to anyone. [Pissed off times eight.]

We arrived late. R came on time, and B and I were late. Who's fault is that? M and A. Ugh. I really feel like killing them.

R is was alone enough times already. I really didn't want to be late meeting her, because I've 'abandoned' her once already. I don't want her to feel hurt. She was hurt enough during that one time when I 'abandoned' her. I wanted to make up for it.

Alas, it won't go as planned. We were late meeting R, she said she didn't mind. But I do. I am never late. NEVER. Unless I did it on purpose. With good reasons, too. [Pissed off times nine.]

After that, R, B and I went around TP, enjoying ourselves. The rest of the day turned out okay.

But the fact that I couldn't find the people that I wanted meet, it saddens me. Instead, I met people that I despise. [Pissed off times ten.]

So all in all, things went... ?

For the record, I am still pissed off.

And I can't say this in my blog because they just won't understand. They think there's nothing wrong in being late. Ugh.

Nobody cares about punctuality any more. Nobody.

I'm just the type of a person who does not tolerate tardiness.

Is it wrong?

I mean, we promised to meet at a certain place at the stated time. So why can't people just turn up on time? Why must they keep being late? Making people wait. Isn't it time they change? It's for their own sake!

Did that rhyme? -_-; It seems like every time I get pissed off, or irritated, I start to speak and think in rhyme. Haha...


The above reasons - ten, I think - are not the only reasons why I am pissed off. It also lies with what happened the day after.

The open house at TP also included a seminar, which was held the day after. B and R were scheduled to join me. Once again, they disappoint me with tardiness.

The registration started at 90 45. I told R to meet me at the bus stop at 09 15 to 09 20. I told B to meet at 09 30. I was there at 09 14.

By 09 50, none of them turned up.

I was so pissed off.

I went in on my own.

If they get lost, then good for them!

There was an empty seat beside me. For B or R if they bothered to come. They were late. B's excuse was reasonable, I think. Something about the grandfather or something... So I guess I shouldn't be that angry at her.

R turned up with M in tow. I didn't know they were going together. No one bothered to tell me either. Pissed off, yet again.

R's reason was: She thought I said 09 50. How could she have said that?! Maybe 09 15 sounds like 09 50, but I'm very particular about tardiness and the seminar starts at 09 45 - how could she think I said 09 50? How long has she known me? Two days? More like - give and take - ten years!

09 50 at the bus stop. Yeah right. It's quite a long distance; we need time to walk!!! And we planned to go early to get good seats!

Therefore, yet again, I was pissed off. So early in the morning, too.

Then B met her old friends and she didn't bother to introduce us or something. I know that she hasn't met her old friends for quite some time. But did that give the right to not introduce us? Or to abandon me altogether? B and I were walking out of the seminar room, then she met her old friends, talked to them, hugged them... blablabla. And I just stood one side. They started talking, blablabla... What am I, a pillar?

Then, she told me to go on ahead with M, R and A. ? I'm already pissed off with them and she couldn't tell? I decided to forgive her ignorance. Then A said she was supposed to meet N. ?! What the heck?

I thought it was jsut going to be a small group, going together, having fun. A big group is not fun.

And I wanted to show them around. I'm quite familiar with the place since I've been there a lot. But no, I had to go off to meet my Aunt and Uncle who came all the way from *insertnameofcountryhere* and bid them goodbye since they'll be going back home to London, I think.

And I wanted to explore TP. It's my first choice in the list of schools. Yet I couldn't explore and look around. It sadddens me.

It really does.

I totally feel horrible. I was looking forward to having fun in TP with my few friends... and it was spoiled all because of tardiness.

The main reason has to be A's tardiness, which caused M to be late on the previous day. Then, R and M and B, too, were all late.

I am totally feeling horrible. I don't feel like talking to anyone that I know. Because technically, A, B, M and R were the only people that I actually talk to. So I can't talk to anyone else.

I wanted to call K, my closest friend, but she's so busy with school, and I don't think she has the time for me. *sobs*

My blog is not an option because B and A will always check on it. They don't have any idea how I'm feeling...

MyO is my only option.

No one that I know in real life knows about my MyO site. And for that, I'm grateful to have this.


Somehow, writing it all down - or rather typing it all up ^_^; - seems to be a bit of a relief for me. *sigh*

I'm sorry to bother all of you with my problem. I'm sure you don't need more. -_-; But I just had to get it all off. *sigh*

Now I don't feel like doing anything any more...

Feeling so horrible...

Forgive me for not being able to get to sites today.

*feeling down*

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