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Monday, January 15, 2007

Wow. What can I say? Time flies when you're having fun? ^_^;

I am so sooorrry~! I didn't realise that so much time have passed... and I haven't updated! *headdesk* I am such an idiot. >_<

Even though it's the holidays, I've neglected updating. But maybe it BECAUSE it's the holidays?

I've been doing a lot of things this holiday. Catching up on the manga that I've stopped reading since exams - three? four? months worth of manga pages -, watching all the animes that I missed due to exams and slogging for exams... I got sucked into the Death Note fandom - because they played the Death Note live action movie in the cinemas here. ^_^;

I've also been baking a lot. Cookies, cakes, muffins, cup cakes, brownies... I've baked a lot in this short period of time. I think I might have improved my baking skills. ^__^

I've also been helping a bit in tutoring my little brother. And working on the presentation thingy. ~_~;

Also, I've to help with the housework, because I'm 'so free' during the holidays... -_-;

I've yet to finish my other 'duties' and promises to my friends. Like, uploading and sending pictures, songs, and whatever nots.

I also go out quite often. ^_^; Went shopping, watched movies, going to weddings, etc. etc. etc. I go out with family, friends, and the likes. The only place that I didn't go to is school. Hahaha. ^__^;

Ah well.

So many things, eh? And none of them is updating my MyO. -_-; Gomen nasai~!

I even missed Christmas and New Year. -_-;

It's too late for Christmas, but I do hope that all of you [who bothers about me, anyway. -_-;] have good fortune for whatever's left of the New Year. ^__^

I shall try to go visit some sites, until my mother asks me stop. ^_^;

Till then,

keep loving anime~! ^_^

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