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Friday, September 9, 2005

I have no time to add a post. Mainly because my sister's been typing up HER post for a long time... So I just have to settle for a short post. -_-

School starts next week. Holidays end this Sunday. Monday is back to school. Ugh. I've done half of my homework. hehe...

I did my movie review on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory yesterday. It was fun! ^^ But I still think Willy Wonka looks a bit demented. I just can't believe it's Johnny Depp!

Anyway, this is just on the news: "Head found in a bag behind Orchard MRT." Ooh. Gruesome.

MRT is what Londoners call the Tube. Subway? In Singapore it's called MRT. It's weird. A head behind an MRT station? Details have yet to be released. This sounds interseting, no? A head...

I hope I don't get nightmares... Not that they showed pictures or anything. -_-

Anyway, got to go. Sorry I don't have the time to check anyone's site. My sister was online for far too long!

Have a nice day!

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Monday, September 5, 2005

Good afternoon, everyone! ^^

I just had the urge to change my background today. So I did. It's quite plain, but it's pretty. ^^

Yesterday, I had to attend a function. Harmony Gathering, it is called. It's where people of different races from the same area gather and participate in games and basically, get to know each other more. Especially people of different races. ^^

Seeing as how Singapore is a multi-racial country, it is important to learn about other races and understand them. That's why every year, there is Racial Harmony Day. ^^

Anyway, I swept my room today. haha. I had the sudden urge to clean up my room. Arrange the piles of books and files properly, cleaning under my bed... and stuff like that.

My mother noticed that I was sweeping my room, so she asked me to sweep my brother's room. I was okay with it. At first, I thought, "Well, it'd be the same. Only a little bit messier or, with luck, cleaner." ^^ But in the end, I could hardly differentiate between rubbish and his stuff! I went, "Is this his stuff or can I just throw it away?"

I had a hard job sweeping his room, his things are all over the floor. *sigh* So it wasn't a proper sweep of his room, but I at least, cleaned it up a little. Not that he'll notice or anything. ^^

Well, I have to go do my homework now. See you later! ^^

Have a nice day! ^^

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Saturday, September 3, 2005

I am on a one week holiday. Whee~! But this week has to be filled with studying, seeing as when school reopens, there are lots and lots of tests. Good thing that I'm through with oral. ^^

Well, I can't hang around much. But these phrases are cute. ^^

"Take my advice. They are good. And I don't use them much myself."

"I know I'm sane... the voices said so."

Have a nice day! ^^

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I am so relieved! The research paper is complete and has already been submitted to our teacher. My group mambers and I just need to prepare for the presentation.

Well, now that the papers are done, we'd have more time to practise our presentation skills.

Eye contact is important, limit body movements, don't speak in a monotone voice, etc. etc. etc. I can't help but be nervous.

Happens so that our group is the first to submit our paper. I am so shocked. We, the first? And today's the deadline. I thought others would've submitted already. ^^

The thing about being last to submit is that they have to present first. Since we are the first to submit, I guess that makes us last to present. But we don't want to present last, we want to be the second group to present. Second is such a good position.

I am going to e-mail our teacher, in hope that since we are the first to submit our paper, we can choose when we want to present. We really do want to be the second group to present.

Wish me luck! ^^

Have a nice day! ^^

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Just a really short message. I don't have much time. Last touches on my research project. So, this week will be as busy as ever.

Tomorrow's the celebration for Teachers' Day. Whee~ Happy Teachers' Day to all teaschers, especially those who taught me. ^^ Not that any of my teachers know about this little corner of the web that belongs to me... ^^

Having blogs are banned. Because a few students had said really bad things about teachers in our school. Really bad. All the bleep bleep stuff. My priciple has threatened to call the police, without hesitation, the next time someone curse/defame teachers on their blogs/online diaries, etc.

As a result, I'm keeping this "little corner of the web that belongs to me" a secret from my teachers and friends. Not that I mind, or anything.

Haha. It's supposed to be a short post. So I'd better keep it short. Haha.

Have a nice day! ^^

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Well, it's Saturday and now I finally have time to put up a post.

Truth be told, this last week is one of the worst weeks of my life. With regard to the last post. The near-accident experience made me realise how fragile life is. And also how rude drivers can be. Now I don't feel like getting a license. When I'm old enough, that is. But I sort of promised my aunt, who lives overseas and whenever my family and I go there, she'd be the one driving us around, that I'd get my license one day and drive her around. ^^

But since that won't happen till, what? Five? Six? years, I don't want to think about it yet. ^^

My sister and I bought a lot of mangas this week. O.o We've spent almost about a month's pocket money to get all those manga. But I don't care. Those mangas are what's keeping me from going too deep into the abyss of sadness. They keep me happy.

If I can't be happy, I'd rather others be happy. At least, when others are happy, I'd know that happiness still exist and that one day, I'd be able to find it.

So, enough of sad stories. I'm not too sad anymore. Things got a bit better.

I have English Oral Exam on Monday. I'm supposed to have it on Friday, but there wasn't enough time, so I'm first on Monday. Ironic, seeing how I'm the last person on the register. But my dear, beloved English teacher didn't want to "rush" me. So I'm up Monday. I so love her. ^^

Shaman King has ended. I watched the last episode yesterday. Lyserg is so cute! And Horo Horo is so big brother-ish. ^^ Ah, I've always wondered what it'd be like to have a big brother. But fate won't allow me one, so I'm just dreaming about it. ^^

Peacemaker has replaced Inuyasha. Though I didn't really watch it, it's quite... I don't know, gruesome? The way Okita just killed a man in cold blood. It's kind of scary.

I don't know what Shaman King is going to be replaced by. I hope it's something good. ^^

Well, life is getting brighter. Until I stumbled upon this website - Stamp Out Literacy. I don't why on earth people want to 'stamp out literacy'. I am so shocked. I am so against it! I love reading. That's the best thing ever and they want to "stamp" it out!

Anyway, guess I'd better start doing my homework. Before my sister decides it's her turn to take the computer. ^^

Have a nice day!

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Thursday, August 25, 2005


I've been so busy this week, I didn't even had a chance to check my site!

I had a near death experience a couple of days ago. I was at a zebra crossing, walking home from school. A bus stopped, so I started walking, crossing the road. I was half-way through, and about to take another step, when a lorry just suddenly zoomed past me. I was so shocked! I was frozen. If I had moved another step, I would've been hit by that lorry.

That STUPID LORRY!!! Or the driver, actually. Didn't he noticed that the bus had stopped? It was a double-decker bus, at that! Surely he'd notice! And you don't just turn the corner at a high speed, considering, it's a JUNCTION and you have to give way to other vehicles before moving! PLUS the fact that there's a ZEBRA CROSSING!!!!!

After I got over the shock, I was so mad. Really, he should've stopped! But no, he didn't.

It was kind of terrifying. All the walk home, I kept thinking, "What if the lorry had hit me?". You know, the kind of "What ifs..." you'd be asking that you couldn't really answer. I am sort of shaken by this incident. Makes me appreciate life more.

I dare not think how my mother'd be if I end up in a hospital. I pushed that thought out of mind. I never want to think of that.

It was sad. Really. People not paying much attention to other people's livelihood. How they only care for themselves. It's just so sad. So sad that sometimes, I feel like crying. How can anyone be so heartless? Caring only about yourself, when there are other people in the world that needs help and attention. Like orphans in Africa, for instance.

Okay. Maybe I don't make sense to some of you, but that's how I feel. I know life is not fair. But the people living their life should try to make it as fair as possible. It's something like, why complicate an already complicated world?

I hate it when justice is not done. Especially these past few days... Justice had never been done. Not even once in this week. People - my classmates, mostly - never seem to think about others but themselves. It's just sad.

Why couldn't they care?

Oh, man. Now I feel like crying. I may not have made much sense. You may not understand, but maybe one day you will. The pain that I'm feeling. The lack of justice and caring.

Hopefully, I'll bring better news the next time I pop in. For now, good night.

Have a nice day, er, night. ^^

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Haha! I finally get on the computer! It's been a long time. I miss the Internet! ^^

Lots of things have happened. There's this teacher of mine, who's wife just gave birth to a baby girl. So my friends and I - that's five of us including me - we decided to buy a stuffed toy for the baby girl. We ended up with a cute pink teddy bear.

PINK happens to be the colour of our school uniform. (I'm in an all-girls school, so... ^^) It's such a cute and soft teddy that if I had extra money, I'd buy one of my own. Haha. ^^

When we gave it to our teacher, he was so surprised. Haha. But we were really excited about the baby. I don't know why, but maybe it's a girl thing, ne?

I have a lot tests next week. So I'll be studying - all day and night - yeah, right - okay, so at least, most of the time. ^^ Oral exams starts next week. But anyway, what with my sister's need for the computer for her projects and my brother for his daily doses of games... I won't have a chance to get anywhere near the computer.

So, I'll try to visit as much sites as I can tonight. Forgive me if I don't get to yours.

Have a nice day! ^^

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

I don't have that much time to go on to MyO these past few days. I've a lot of homework, and my MAJOR research PRESENTATION is coming up in a couple of weeks, so my group members and I are preparing hard for it. I am so nervous.

I also have lots of tests coming up, so I don't think I'll be able to log on often. What with school commitment and my parents and siblings keep wanting to go online...

Anyway, I am so sleepy. I really should sleep. But I am hungry, too. So I guess I'd eat first, then do a bit of homework, after which I'll sleep.

Sorry I can't make it to your sites any time soon.

Have a nice day!

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Thank you for all of your support. I feel much better now. ^^

I actually saw my Maths teacher at the shopping centre. Well, I think I saw my Maths teacher. I'm not really sure. I did not greet her, due to me holding the things that my brother and I bought. hehe. ^^

I could hardly care, anyway. It's the weekend, I should be relaxing and having fun. ^^

My sister needs to use the computer. My brother wants to use the computer. That means I should get off now. sigh.

I'll just entertain myself in other ways, such as reading. ^^ I'm off!

Have a nice day! ^^

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