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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thank you, everyone, for all you support! I love all of you! You are the best! ^^

I managed to get online today... no homework that's needed to be handed in tomorrow.. so yay! haha..

More motivation talk today... And my Geography teacher expects at least a few of us to get A1 for Geography... *more pressure* But I really want to do well for Geog, anyway, since it's the only Humanities subject that I'm taking. So yeah, I'll be working hard for Geog. As hard as I'm doing for Maths. But I'll be working the hardest on English.

I really want to get A1 for English... I want to make my teacher proud. My English teacher is the best teacher that I've ever had... if I don't get an A, I'd be letting her down... So yeah... I'm going to improve my English.

I am so determined and motivated to do well. I'm off to make my dreams come true.

Have a nice day!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Okay... short post... I have to go for extra classes after this...

About the letter thing... so far I've haven't heard anything from my teacher... yet. I do not wish to know either. It is not exactly the best time of the year to be talking to teachers...

I am preparing for the big - and I mean, BIG! - exams at the end of this year. I'll be taking my O Levels this year, so there is no time to fool around, and, as my teacher keep repeating, "It is not the time to fall in love, or fall out of love." All the teachers give motivation talks every other day. And everyday, it's a different teacher...

I have been told to 'get as many 'A's as possible', and that means, getting 'A's for all the subjects that I'm taking. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

The pressure! But I'm already motivated to do well. I want to do well. I want to get as many 'A's as possible. I need to get as many 'A's as possible...

I need to study hard. I need to concentrate on my studies..

So I hope you'll all understand if I don't get to your sites... Do forgive me.

All the best for everything, and Happy Valentine's Day! ^^

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Friday, February 3, 2006

I have recovered! Yay! ^^ Thank you for all your warm wishes. I appreciate them all. Thank you! ^^

On the other hand, I've got more Maths homework. I'm almost getting sick of Maths. And Maths was... er... is.. my favourite subject. So it's almost a love-hate relationship right now. I don't want to hate Maths. That'd only make my life more miserable.

Anyway... I am really bogged down with homework. And I still haven't pass up the holiday journal... I'm so dead.

But I don't want to leave all of you feeling down, so I'm going to tell you something good that happened this week. At least, I think it's supposed to be good.

Here goes:

If some of you would remember, I had to write a letter to some random organisation to ask them to donate to my school. And I did that letter at the last minute, and I was panicking... Remember? I was so sure that my teacher would skin all of us alive.

And yes, I was right. My English teacher was really disappointed with our performance. The whole class. ALL of us. She kept saying that all of us had done badly, that even the better students had disappointed her. She kept saying that throughout the whole week. All of us were so scared. We were so doomed.

And that day arrived. She had finally finished grading everyone's letters. And she was giving it back. It felt like Report Book Day. And she wanted to see us individually. A one-to-one talk about the letter. Oh, we were all so dead!

Teacher highlighted the mistakes that were commonly made. "You do not write 'I' as 'i'. It's supposed to be CAPITAL i." "You musn't write the date like this: 27/01/06. That's incomplete! You should spell out everything: 27 January 2006." And many more. During all those 'highlighting of the mistakes' part, I kept going, 'Please don't let that be in my letter. I don't think that's in my letter. Please don't let it be from my letter...'

My turn finally came. At that time, I was more worried about my Maths homework, so I wasn't exactly feeling down. When I came up to my Teacher, she told me her comments. She said that the only thing that was missing from my letter was the emotion. "You should add more emotion. There's no emotional appeal. Otherwise, it's a good letter." There were no grammar or spelling mistakes, that was good enough, I guess.

I was so relieved.

I didn't do as bad as I expected. Whew! I think I got the highest. 16 out of 20. Some of my friends failed. One of them got a 9! And she was the second highest in English last year. It was a shock! I was so glad I didn't suck at the letter. So relieved, so happy.

That's the good part. But there's more.

Since our school is really having a donation drive going on for our school's new building, the school is always looking for ways to collect more funds. And my teacher asked me for my letter back. I was puzzled. She called me out during Maths period just to ask for my letter. I went, "What? But why?"

Her reply: "I want to give it to the head of the school's management board. Your letter is good. They may want to use it."

Almost died of shock. I was "Huh?!" all the way until the end of the day. I couldn't believe it. Just the thought of having the school's principle reading my letter... it makes me feel so funny. I couldn't help it, but I kept laughing throughout the rest of the Maths period.

I just couldn't believe it.

So... Teacher said it's a good thing. I'm not so sure. The PRINCIPLE reading my letter? It was so unbelievable!

It has been two days since I've given Teacher my letter to her. I don't know what the verdict was: if they're going to use my letter or not. But whatever the decision is, I wouldn't mind. I'm just glad that I didn't fail that letter. It wouldn't look good on the record. I'd be happy with whatever decision they'll make.

So yeah, that's the 'good' news. It's up to you to decide if it's really good.

I'm off to do my homework. I'll try to visit you some time this weekend.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bad news: I am sick. I have a fever.

Good news: I get to skip school.

Bad news: I'll be lost. I won't understand a thing that the teachers will go through today. More homework... And I'm wondering on what I'm missing out on.

Good news: I get to visit some of your sites. I managed to check my e-mails. I get to watch Full Metal Alchemist! ^^ My father borrowed the VCDs from his friend... ^^

Well... I guess the good things cancel out the bad things... but I still don't feel too good. I have a fever. But I haven't check how high it is... too lazy to find that thermometer... -_-;

I wonder what I'm going to do with all the school work... *sigh*

I need to go and rest... Good thing is, I don't feel dizzy - just feverish.

I hope all of you will have a nice day! ^^

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Thursday, January 19, 2006


I am extremely stressed...

I have a lot of homework to do - especially for Maths. I have a new Maths teacher and she is not considerate at all! She gave us Additional Maths homework, around six, long, difficult questions. Then she gave us Elementary Maths homework - we have to do a past year's exam paper! One whole paper! And that alone was a lot!

She didn't even consider that we had other homework to do! I have to prepare a speech for English, and others which are too many to mention... but I don't have the time to do them all...

On Monday, I have Physics class, so I get home only at 2000 hours. By then, I'd be too tired to do any homework. Then, on Tuesday, I have tuition. I would get home around 1800, and it's still considered late. Then, my grandfather was hospitalised. So I have to visit him. So I didn't have the time to do any homework. And yesterday - Wednesday, was my deadline. But I had to go for a doctor's appointment. I had half a mind to postpone the appointment, but since I've already postponed it once, I don't feel like putting it off anymore. So I got home almost at 1900.

I was really tired. But I had to do my homework. I tried to finish it up by yesterday night itself, but I couldn't. So I felt really guilty. But it's just that I've been so stressed...

Now that the deadline has passed, and I still haven't handed in my work... I hope my teacher will forgive me. It's not exactly schoolwork. It's a journal for that Medan trip. I have to write a journal. And I haven't finished typing it up. I'm just too tired... I really hope my teacher will forgive me.

Well, I have to continue doing my work... I feel better after typing all these. I am just so sleepy and tired... but I have work to do. I have to finish them first...

Well, off I go, then.

Have a nice day and God Bless.

- stressed -

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday the 13th!

It's Friday the Thirteen! ^^ What a lucky day... ^^;

Well, things have been looking up the past few days... I'm quite content.

I've settled my differences with that acquaintance of mine... and I've settled things with the other guy.

So I've got less things to worry about now. ^^

My main concern now is the letter that I have to write for English class. We're supposed to write a letter to an organisation, asking that organisation to donate to our school, which is in need of funds for the new school building.

And just how am I supposed to start? I've no idea how to begin the letter! I mean, I can't write, "I am writing to ask you to donate generously to our school..."! I really have no idea how to do the letter...

And the deadline is tomorrow.

I am so dead.


So, you'll have to forgive me for not visiting your sites... as I have a letter to write... and if I don't hand it in tomorrow, I'd be skinned alive... So I sincerely hope you'll forgive me...

I hope all of you have a great weekend, unlike me, who has after-school activities and a huge project to complete, so therefore my weekend won't be fun-filled....

I pray that all of you will have an exciting weekend. Have fun, and stay safe.

God Bless.

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Sunday, January 8, 2006

Something weird is going on...

Someone think he's offended me. I think I might've offended that someone. And someone else says that I've offended her.

Huh?! -_-;

I just don't get it. I forgive the first someone. But the second person...

She says I've offended her. She says I have never been polite to her. All this while, I've been trying to be as polite as possible. And yet... I don't get it. I really don't.

She was the one who offended me first. But I didn't say anything as I didn't want a fight. She sounded so stuck up and snobbish in her e-mail. And now she says I was the one who sounded stuck up and snobbish... who won't do my part in the project...

But I guess that's the problem with e-mail... You don't know the tone of the person's voice. Because if you read, you judge how the words are being put... and sometimes, you just intrepret it wrongly. And that's the source of miscommunication.

That's the one disadvantage of e-mail: you do not know how the words are meant to sound like. And punctuation is all that you can depend on... and it's not that reliable. You don't hear the emotion in the words...

And now someone is upset because of me... and it causes me great pain to know that I'm the cause of someone's unhappiness.

And I have yet to settle with my other friend who thinks that he had offended me, but I think it was me who has offended him.

I don't know what to do anymore!

School has started and I'm trying to finish my homework, study for the Science quizzes, deal with my classmates, avoid making teachers angry...

I have a lot to do, but so little time... Moreover, I haven't been able to get a good night's sleep for a whole week! It was all because of a stupid, but scary, ghost story. I tried to forget the whole thing, but I kept being reminded of the whole thing! So now, I lack sleep. I want to sleep, but I just couldn't fall asleep. It's only because I was too tired that I managed to get a few hours sleep at night.

If this continues, I won't be able to survive. I've not been able to pay full attention in class as I was so sleepy. I'm afraid my studies will be affected. I hope I can get over this soon.

I am sorry I couldn't get to your sites as often as I wanted to. I apologise for not visiting you...

I hope you have a nice day...

*so sleepy, so tired...*

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Sunday, January 1, 2006


Hey, it's the new year! ^^

I stayed up until half past midnight... to greet the new year. ^^

I am sorry that I cannot get to your sites that often. Getting back from Medan, it's been hectic. I still need more sleep. -_-;

And the new year signals a new school year, too. So therefore, I have to get ready for school, too. :(

I do not want to go to school. I totally don't. I want more sleep!

Alas... time flies when you're having fun. ^^;

I really can't stay long. I'll be off now.

I hope the new year brings new and fun experiences for all of you.

God Bless~!

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Monday, December 26, 2005

I am back!

It is so great to be back in Singapore! ^^ Thank you for all your support, prayers and thank you for believing in me. I couldn't have survived without my whole family's - especially my sister's - and also your support. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The past seven days have been hard. But it has also been educational. I learnt Bahasa Indonesia. ^^ I understand the language a little, but sometimes, it just got too difficult to understand. I had to use synonyms. -_-; I managed to survive. Fortunately, Bahasa Indonesia isn't that different from Bahasa Melayu that I learnt in school. Lucky me! ^^;

I had fun, but at the same time, I felt sad. It's hard to explain my feelings, but I'll try my best.

On the first day, it was just orientation. We went to Mercy Relief's office/headquarters. It was called Posko Temasek. Posko means office. Singapore was formerly known as Temasek. So, Posko Temasek means Singapore office. ^^ We had a briefing of what the Mercy Relief officers do. They are the ones who coordinate the relief efforts. Sis Siti was the one in charge of sending the supplies donated to the victims of the tsunami in Aceh. She coordianted everything. She made sure the things reach the correct people, etc. It was a lot of hard work. Her schedule was packed, but she spared some time for us. Actually, she spared a lot of time for us. -_-; She has two other colleagues, Sis Julia and Pak Daddy. (In Indonesia, we call older men 'Pak' and women, 'Ibu'. But for Miss Siti and Julia, we call the 'Kakak' - which means sister. Kak is short for kakak, just like sis is short for sister.) Sis Siti, Sis Julia and Pak Daddy were all very friendly. We owe them a lot. ^^

We stayed at an orphanage, to maximise our learning experience. ^^; In our group, there are twenty people. Ten boys, nine girls and one teacher. Us nine girls were scared of the orphanage boys. They were too friendly. Or maybe WE were too conservative... It is part of our religion that girls and boys do not mix too intimately. But the orphanage boys came up to us (the girls) and asked, "What is your
name?" and "Where did you come from?" etc. We kept our distance. I stayed as far away as possible.

It felt so weird. Why did the orphanage boys come up to us, the GIRLS? If they want to know more about us, or about where we came from, why didn't they just ask the boys? It's not as if our group has only girls! That was the weird part. Why must the boys come up to the girls?

But they are useful, though. They helped us carry our luggages to our dormitory. ^^ But that's just about it. Other than that, they are scary. At least, I don't feel safe with them. That's why, when we had to sleep in the orphans' dorms, I really felt uneasy. Of course, the girls are separated from the boys, but I do not feel safe without my teacher near by.

I slept with the orphanage girls, in the girls' dorm. It was far from the boys' dorms, which means, I'm far away from the scary kids. That's good. But at the same time, because the boys' dorms are far away, so are our teacher and fellow male friends. I really didn't feel safe. So, on the third night, I pleaded to stay in the guest dorm, where there was no one else but our group from Singapore.

On the third day, Wednesday, I cried. I didn't know why I was crying, at first. No idea at all. Somehow, I just felt sad. Maybe it was because of the orphans' sad stories, maybe it was homesickness... I didn't know. All I know is: I had to cry. I just had to. I do not know if my teacher noticed, but even if he did, he didn't say anything. I just finally figured out my problem on the fifth day. I was glad I found the reason for my sadness, but I was still sad.

The thing is, the boys at the orphanage were scary. I don't feel safe with them at all. That's why, when the girls want to go anywhere, we'd do it in pairs. There was a time when the six of us were just sitting there, talking, discussing... and suddenly, we realised that the orphanage boys had surrounded us. The boys were just watching us. There was no one else there except for us, six girls, and the orphanage boys. It was scary. I do not like to be stared at. We girls were scared for our lives. I suggested calling one of our boys to shoo the orphanage boys away. To tell them to stop staring at girls: it was impolite. So in the end, we screamed one of our boys' name. We kept shouting his name until he came. When he did, we quickly told him, in English, so that no one else can understand, to shoo the orphanage boys away. He obliged. He managed to usher them away. I was so thankful to him.

He is a really nice guy. He saved our lives. I am forever thankful to him. He is such a gentleman... I really can't thank him enough.

He saved my life twice. I owe him.

After I figured out my problem, I was less sad, but I was glad I know the reason. ^^; And to know that one of our boys' is a gentleman, a nice guy... it makes me feel a bit safer. At least, I know I can count on him. That takes away some of my worries. That's why I was a bit happier. That's why I managed to stop myself from crying in front of my teacher, the rest of our group, in front of everyone.

Really, at that point of time, I didn't care any more. I didn't care if the boys see me cry. I didn't care if my teacher see me cry. As long as I cry, I didn't care. I managed to hold my tears. Somehow. I kept rubbing my eyes. Even the 'gentleman' was like, "Don't cry...". He was so sweet.

The trip was emotionally draining. One moment, I'm happy. The next, I'm sad. Maybe I think too much. I always fear the worst. That's why I was emotionally unstable. Give me just one moment to think and I'll start crying. I guess I've never been away from my family for that long... -_-;

I am okay now. I'm back with my family. I appreciate them more, now. I'll treasure them. I love them all.

Anyway, that's all the time I have for now. I just got back yesterday, around 2240. By the time I was out of immigrations, it was 2300... By the time I got home, it was 0100 in the morning. I woke up only at 1200 today. -_-;

I am still a bit tired. I'll update more tomorrow.

Thanks you DragonxPuppy, chihiro7 and Nordic Angel for the Christmas cards.

Thank you, everyone, for all your support! I love you!

God Bless.

Sorry for the long post, but I have a lot to tell. I'll continue next time. ^^; I am sorry I couldn't visit your sites. But Thank You for everything! All of you are the best! ^^ I love you!

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Friday, December 23, 2005

   Something has happened...

Hello, everyone! As you all may know, tensaisama, my younger sister, is on a humanitarian relief trip in Medan, Indonesia, helping the Aceh gorphans of last year's Dec 26 tsunami tragedy.

She was so happy to be able to go on this trip, but a few days ago, she called home, and was somehow sad. She was crying while talking to my mum and dad, and was so sad over something. Her friend who is also on the trip said it may be homesickness. I say it's culture shock. Making the transition between a first-world country and a third-world country isn't easy.

So, as her sister, I'm asking for you all out here, as her friends, for support. ^^ Try and encourage her. And I'll convey your sentiments to her by SMS.

May God Bless. ^^ Happy Xmas.


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